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30 Etsy Gifts for the World’s Best Teachers

Please note that this post contains affiliate links that help us earn a little cash to get supplies for our DIY projects, but all the opinions are 100% our own! The content of this post has not been reviewed, approved, or endorsed by any of the Etsy shops that we linked to in this post.

The end of the 2016-2017 school year is just around the corner! We’ve got a graduation in our family this year. 🙂 We sisters can’t believe our brother is graduating from high school. Seems unreal! Have you ever stopped and thought how much time and effort teachers put in each and every day?! Their work doesn’t stop when they go home either. There’s always more planning to do, papers to grade, etc. Maybe you missed ‘Teacher Appreciation Week’ and want to gift them the end of this school year. We’ve got some great gift ideas that any teacher is sure to LOVE! Look through the list of these teacher gifts we found on Etsy. If you’re like us, it’s “ooh, I like this!” or “oh, I never thought of something like that!” Have fun looking!

Reward your teacher or your child’s teacher for everything they do and the influence they’ve had!!

Teacher Gifts | End of Year Teacher Gifts | Teacher Appreciaiton | End of the Year Teacher Gift | Gift Idea for Teacher | Gift Idea for Teacher Appreciaiton | Be sure to thank your teacher this end of the school year for all of their hard work this whole year long! Need some unique ideas in what to give? Check out Six Clever Sisters compilation!

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Super Cute Teacher Appreciation Gifts That Can Be Made in No Time!


 Teacher Appreciation Gifts | Gifts for Teachers End of Year | Teacher Appreciation Week | Gifts for Teachers | Teacher Appreciation Gifts DIY | Teacher Appreciation | Gifts for Teachers DIY | Teacher Appreciation Week Ideas | Searching for some easy teacher appreciation gift ideas? We at have a nice roundup of ideas that are sure to be a hit! Check it out! 

Teacher Appreciation Week is officially Monday, May 8th- Friday, May 12th. Are you ready? 😉

Teachers play an important role in so many lives and need to be shown that they are appreciated! They put in so many hours and sacrifice so much. Let’s show them we care! Continue Reading

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FREE Printable Chore Charts

These free printable chore charts for kids are available for download – in 10 different designs! 


Do your kids do chores? I find it hard to keep up with my four kids and their chores if we don’t have chore charts hanging up – at a glance, I can see who I should praise for doing a great job keeping up with their chore chart, and who tends to forget and needs a gentle reminder. 

Did you know that kids tend to jump on board with new things when they are involved in the prep? So the secret is this: Show your kids the design options we have available for download, and I’ll bet they’ll be excited to start the chore chart that THEY chose! Crazy, right? (Psst: it works for food, too….let your kids arrange vegetables nicely on a tray, and they’re likely to eat more of them than usual…..just a tip, from mom to mom.) 😉 

Printable chore charts make our mornings run smoother — I can do the things I need to do to get ready for the day, and the kids know their “to-do’s” are all there, written out. I don’t like “nagging” my kids — “Did you brush your teeth?” “Did you practice piano?” These printable chore charts will cut down on that ugly “mom-nagging” 😉 because the only job you’ll need to give your kids is this: “Make sure you’ve done everything on your chore chart!”  It makes for a nicer morning all the way around. 🙂 

Free Printable Chore Charts


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DIY Washi Tape Utensil Holder

DIY Washi Tape Utensil Holder

Happy Wednesday everyone! I’m so excited to share this little DIY washi tape utensil holder project I did recently 🙂

diy washi tape utensil holder

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Easy DIY Chalkboard Chore Chart

Chalkboard chore chart

I don’t know about you, but I survive my busy life by implementing LISTS — I’ve got lists for everything! (I believe I inherited this trait from my mother ;-)) Maybe it’s because, in a way, I’m emptying my mental list onto paper, chalkboard, computer, etc. Then I can breathe a little easier, since relying solely on my memory these days is NOT the way to go…. Plus, the kids function a lot better with lists also – they know what they are supposed to be doing without me repeating myself over and over.

For the summer, I wanted to make a list of things to do daily – things that we don’t always have time for every day of the school year. I came up with this simple idea that has helped us reach our daily goal: a homemade chalkboard with a washi tape border, and clothespins that we move from one side to the other when we’ve completed something from the list. This has worked so well, and we’ll be using this through the school year with a new list of chores! It’s nice to be able to visualize your accomplishments, and it provides a lot of motivation!


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