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FREE PRINTABLE Goals Worksheet | April 2017

Month-by-month Free Printable Goals Worksheet ~ April 2017

Free Printable Goals Worksheet | free printable | printable worksheet | goals worksheet | goals printable | Download our free printable goals worksheet each month on the Six Clever Sisters blog!

April means it’s officially spring – full of new beginnings!

It’s never too late to set goals for the year, so if you haven’t accomplished what you thought you would by this point in 2017, start now!!

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Goals Worksheet | FREE PRINTABLE | March 2017

Month-by-month Goals Worksheets ~ March 2017

Have you heard the saying, “A goal without a plan is just a wish”? It is so true! How many weeks go by and we find ourselves wishing we could get certain things done??

The key is to make a plan — and these free printable Goals Worksheets that I’m making for you each month this year will help you make a plan and stick to it!

Goals Worksheet | Goal Setting | Free Printable | Goals | Free printable goal-setting worksheet is month-by-month to help you break down those big goals into smaller, reachable goals! Visualize your goals with this printable available at the Six Clever Sisters blog!


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Birthday Reminder Free Printable

birthday free printable schedule reminder

Who is not the best remember-er of birthdays? 🙂 For me, every new niece and nephew is another date to remember, and sometimes I can get confused whose is whose! So – give your mind a break and fill out this birthday reminder. Your brain will thank you. And everyone will be impressed how on top of things you are {or at least appear to be} 😉 Continue Reading

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Goals Worksheet | FREE PRINTABLE | February 2017

Month-by-month Goals Worksheets ~ February 2017

Last month, we talked about breaking yearly goals down into monthly goals, and we offered this FREE PRINTABLE JANUARY GOALS WORKSHEET to help you get those goals down onto paper and to get on a good start toward reaching those goals! 

If you didn’t read last month’s post, you should first head over there to read the tips and encouragement we gave about “Taking it one month at a time,” “Filling out your goals worksheet with practical goals,” and “Not stressing over unfinished goals on your goals worksheet.”

I hope you reached some of your goals in January and made some accomplishments, but remember: with this monthly goals plan, you get a fresh start every month! I didn’t get in all of my “daily habits” like I wanted to, but my goal for February is just to do better than I did last month! 

Monthly Goals Worksheet February 2017

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FREE Printable Chore Charts

These free printable chore charts for kids are available for download – in 10 different designs! 


Do your kids do chores? I find it hard to keep up with my four kids and their chores if we don’t have chore charts hanging up – at a glance, I can see who I should praise for doing a great job keeping up with their chore chart, and who tends to forget and needs a gentle reminder. 

Did you know that kids tend to jump on board with new things when they are involved in the prep? So the secret is this: Show your kids the design options we have available for download, and I’ll bet they’ll be excited to start the chore chart that THEY chose! Crazy, right? (Psst: it works for food, too….let your kids arrange vegetables nicely on a tray, and they’re likely to eat more of them than usual…..just a tip, from mom to mom.) 😉 

Printable chore charts make our mornings run smoother — I can do the things I need to do to get ready for the day, and the kids know their “to-do’s” are all there, written out. I don’t like “nagging” my kids — “Did you brush your teeth?” “Did you practice piano?” These printable chore charts will cut down on that ugly “mom-nagging” 😉 because the only job you’ll need to give your kids is this: “Make sure you’ve done everything on your chore chart!”  It makes for a nicer morning all the way around. 🙂 

Free Printable Chore Charts


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