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DIY “Home” String Art Barnwood Pallet Style Tutorial

string art tutorial DIY home decor pallet signI am so addicted to string art. Once you get the basic technique down, you can string any word or object in any color you’d like with whatever thread type & wood type you’d like. {I’m noticing that I pretty much say that for all my tutorials – what can I say. Versatile & customizable projects are the best, right?}

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DIY Mini Pallet Coasters – Quick & Easy Project!

Such a fun easy project – all you need is clothespins, glue, and paint to make these coasters!
DIY Pallet Coasters | Pallet Tutorial Coasters | Patriotic Red White Blue Decor | Summer Party Patio Deck | Six Clever Sisters | Make these cute mini pallet coasters with just some clothespins, glue, and paint!With Labor Day right around the corner, I thought I’d share this quick project with you that’s simple enough to do in an hour or two. For those of us who experience seasons in our weather ;-), there won’t be too many warm summer nights left to sit outside and sip lemonade. For those of you in the South . . . well, you’ll be able to use these for the majority of the year 🙂

Just a few simple things are all you need for these DIY Mini Pallet Coasters:

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DIY Wood Pallet Sign AND free printable!

DIY Wood Pallet SignWe have all seen the amazing, fun, creative things we can do with wooden pallets, right? Well, when I rescued a poor, aged, rejected pallet from next to the dumpster a couple of weeks ago, I knew that I couldn’t just build something with the lumber I would take apart.

This wood was so beautifully-aged, that I knew I wanted to put it on display in my home. I decided on going big and making a solid board with it that I could put a simple text and design on, without drawing away from the beauty of the wood too much.

DIY Pallet Sign "It Is Well"


Here’s the design I came up with for my wood pallet sign! Download the printable PDF here, and clip it on the fridge or put it in a frame!

It Is Well Printable 5x7

DIY Pallet Sign AND free printable

Here’s how to start on this project:

1. Disassemble a pallet.

I like to use a crowbar to do this, but it also helps to have a jigsaw handy (with a blade for cutting metal) to cut through stubborn nails! Plus, I do like the look of the nailheads left in the boards, so I end up doing that for most of them.

DIY Wood Pallet Sign
Disassemble a pallet.

2. Lay the boards from the disassembled pallet in whatever way you like for your sign.

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