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FREE Printable Chore Charts

These free printable chore charts for kids are available for download – in 10 different designs! 


Do your kids do chores? I find it hard to keep up with my four kids and their chores if we don’t have chore charts hanging up – at a glance, I can see who I should praise for doing a great job keeping up with their chore chart, and who tends to forget and needs a gentle reminder. 

Did you know that kids tend to jump on board with new things when they are involved in the prep? So the secret is this: Show your kids the design options we have available for download, and I’ll bet they’ll be excited to start the chore chart that THEY chose! Crazy, right? (Psst: it works for food, too….let your kids arrange vegetables nicely on a tray, and they’re likely to eat more of them than usual…..just a tip, from mom to mom.) 😉 

Printable chore charts make our mornings run smoother — I can do the things I need to do to get ready for the day, and the kids know their “to-do’s” are all there, written out. I don’t like “nagging” my kids — “Did you brush your teeth?” “Did you practice piano?” These printable chore charts will cut down on that ugly “mom-nagging” 😉 because the only job you’ll need to give your kids is this: “Make sure you’ve done everything on your chore chart!”  It makes for a nicer morning all the way around. 🙂 

Free Printable Chore Charts


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The BEST Read-Aloud Books for Little Ones!

If you’re searching for some new, engaging, fun books to give as Christmas gifts this year, this list of the BEST Read-Aloud Books for Little Ones is sure to help you!

The BEST Read-Aloud Books for Little Ones #books #children #kids #reading #reading lists #education

There’s something special and memorable about sitting down with your kids at the end of the day and curling up on the couch to read to them. It calms and winds everyone down, which usually makes bedtime easier. 

Reading books with your children also develops their imagination and helps with their listening skills. There are SO many reasons to read to your children on a daily basis. Our children LOVE to read and be read to, which is why we give them new books {at least} every birthday and Christmas!  Since we have four kids, we’ve accumulated quite the collection of really great books, and I’d love to share our favorite read-aloud books for little ones with you!  Continue Reading

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Washi Tape Pencil Holder for School

Washi Tape Pencil Holder

It’s almost time to start the new school year (already?!), and as a homeschooling mom, I’m doing what it takes to get my kids excited about it!

One thing that my kids love to do is make something all on their own that is useful. My kids are practical that way :-)….and who doesn’t get excited about accomplishing something?!

So this morning, when my daughter said she wanted to have a pencil holder for her desk, I suggested she find a way to make it out of something we already had in the house. The only thing we had was an empty 16-ounce water bottle, and she was sure she couldn’t wait another day to get something with more of a smooth surface :-P, so the water bottle it was! Continue Reading

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