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Chicken Taco Soup in 20 Minutes


Easy chicken taco soup recipe that can be ready-to-serve in 20 minutes!

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With summer right around the corner, I always get the urge to squeeze a few more “soup days” in, do you? Chicken Taco Soup is one of our family’s favorites! It’s so easy that my kids frequently make it by themselves. When I announce it’s Chicken Taco Soup night, I literally get cheers from all four of my kids (and even my husband). 😉


#1, the ingredients in this recipe are considered pantry staples at my house :-), but we all LOVE Mexican flavors and are used to eating tacos once a week. So for me, I know I almost always have these basic ingredients on hand to prepare this soup, which is a huge plus!

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Creamy Chicken Pot Pie Soup Recipe

chicken pot pie soup recipe pie crust leaves

Creamy Chicken Pot Pie Soup Recipe with Flaky Pie Crust Leaves

Our family loves a good chicken pot pie any time of the year, but it seems to taste even better after a chilly-windy-rainy fall day 🙂 This summer I tried the Chicken Pot Pie Soup at Zoup on their Customer Appreciation Day (yay for 99 cent soup), and knew we had to try making it this fall. Their soup had amazing flavor, but it was a little too thick for my liking (think “gloppy” :-P), so I made my soup with the thinner texture that I desired. I have to say . . . our chicken pot pie is definitely the best out there ;-). So when I developed this recipe, I started with the basics of the original pie filling recipe and went from there. It was a winner, and I’m thinking it might make it on to the dinner menu several times this fall 🙂 Continue Reading

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