Chick Fil A 2018 Calendar Card Loaded with Free Food Items!

Chick Fil A 2018 Calendar Card Free Food

The new 2018 Chick Fil A Calendar Card is here! We have been big fans of this card for the past several years. So here’s how it works!

  • Every year, Chick Fil A makes a new calendar with a card (like a credit card) loaded with free items
  • The calendar costs $8 this year; the price varies slightly from year to year
  • Each month, a different food or drink item is the free item of the month
  • To redeem, simply present your card at Chick Fil A and receive your free item
  • Plus get a free treat during your birthday month (some years it’s a cookie, some years it’s ice cream) 

This calendar is so economical because it pays for itself within a month or two. The value of the free items usually comes to around $40. So paying $8 is a steal. 🙂 (These make great Christmas gifts by the way!! Definitely a gift they’ll use all year long!)

Here are the free items for 2018!

January: Chick-fil-A® Nuggets, Original OR Grilled (8-count)

February: Mystery Offer

March: Any size Coca-Cola® Fountain Beverage of your choice OR Dasani® Bottled Water

April: Mystery Offer

May: Any size Waffle Potato Fries™ AND any size Coca-Cola®Fountain Beverage of your choice OR Dasani® Bottled Water

June: Mystery Offer

July: Any size Coca-Cola® Fountain Beverage of your choice OR Dasani® Bottled Water

August: Mystery Offer

September: Mystery Offer

October: Mystery Offer

November: Mystery Offer

December: Chick-fil-A® Chicken Sandwich OR Spicy Chicken Sandwich

The “mystery offers” add a fun twist to the calendar – the month before, they will send you an email revealing the mystery item. In previous years, the mystery items were some of their brand-new offerings like Frosted Coffee, Frosted Lemonade, and Southwest Salad. 

How to buy a Chick Fil A 2018 Calendar?

These are available for purchase at your local Chick Fil A while supplies last. Sometimes they run out by November, so grab them while you can!

Has anyone used one of these before? It’s definitely worth trying if you haven’t!


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