DIY Wood Pallet Sign AND free printable!

DIY Wood Pallet SignWe have all seen the amazing, fun, creative things we can do with wooden pallets, right? Well, when I rescued a poor, aged, rejected pallet from next to the dumpster a couple of weeks ago, I knew that I couldn’t just build something with the lumber I would take apart.

This wood was so beautifully-aged, that I knew I wanted to put it on display in my home. I decided on going big and making a solid board with it that I could put a simple text and design on, without drawing away from the beauty of the wood too much.

DIY Pallet Sign "It Is Well"


Here’s the design I came up with for my wood pallet sign! Download the printable PDF here, and clip it on the fridge or put it in a frame!

It Is Well Printable 5x7

DIY Pallet Sign AND free printable

Here’s how to start on this project:

1. Disassemble a pallet.

I like to use a crowbar to do this, but it also helps to have a jigsaw handy (with a blade for cutting metal) to cut through stubborn nails! Plus, I do like the look of the nailheads left in the boards, so I end up doing that for most of them.

DIY Wood Pallet Sign
Disassemble a pallet.

2. Lay the boards from the disassembled pallet in whatever way you like for your sign.

Since I cut my boards down a bit to customize the sign to the size I needed, I alternated which way the boards went so I didn’t end up with all “cut” ends on one side. I also watched where the nail heads were and didn’t place them all lined up.

DIY Wood Pallet Sign
Line up your boards.

 3. Connect the pallet boards on the back with strips of scrap wood.

I used just some scraps of wood I had lying around to connect my pallet boards. If your design is horizontal, connect the boards with vertical pieces, and vice versa. You will need to be sure your nails are as as long as they can be without going through the other side. I nailed mine in from the back, but also secured them with more nails from the front. I did have to cover my silver nails with a tiny dot of brown acrylic paint, though, so I suggest using a nail that isn’t shiny silver!

DIY Wood Pallet Sign
Connect your boards with strips of wood on the back.

 4. Once your wood pallet sign is assembled, choose a design and/or text, and stencil it on.


UPDATE:  Since I’ve posted this, I’ve discovered an EASY method for transferring designs WITHOUT eyeballing it, and WITHOUT any special machine! You’ll definitely want to check it out HERE!


Since my design was so large, I printed my design and then had to eyeball it as I drew it freehand onto the wood. I used a pencil, but I also made what I had drawn easier to see by tracing over the pencil with a liquid chalk marker. This helped immensely so that I could see my progress! I suggest finding the center of your design and then working from the center out.

DIY Wood Pallet Sign
Pencil your design on, then trace over that with a liquid chalk marker.

DIY Wood Pallet Sign

5. Paint your design on.

I used an oil-based white paint because I had some leftover from another project, but you could also used a water-based paint if you prefer.  Make sure that you use a smaller brush on the edges of your letters so that they are nice and sharp!

DIY Wood Pallet Sign
The finished wood pallet sign!

I LOVE how this turned out! And it was practically free! 

DIY Pallet Sign "It Is Well"

It looks perfect above my fireplace, don’t you think!? Now to make a couple more so I can swap them out every few months…. 😛
DIY Pallet Sign "It Is Well"



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  2. Thank you for sharing this printable. I was thinking of making this for my niece for Christmas and having this will make it a whole lot easier on me! Now I have the song stuck in my head too LOL!

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