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DIY Chalkboard Mason Jar Straw Lids



DIY Chalkboard Lids | Mason Jar Lids | Chalkboard Labels | DIY Gift Ideas | Mason Jar Crafts | Chalkboard Paint Crafts | Decorating Jar Lids | Gift Ideas | This easy #tutorial is on Six Clever Sisters. Find out how to make these diy chalkboard mason jar straw lids!


Oh.My.Goodness, you guys. Are not these these the cutest things you ever did see? I mean, seriously, SO CUTE and CLEVER!! Recently, we were at someone’s house for dinner and they had these cute chalkboard lids for mason jars. Such a brilliant idea for everyone to be able to write their name on the lid and keep track of their glass. My mom mentioned that she would love them as a birthday gift. (When she says something like that, we all take note of it!)  Our hostess told us where they were from, but I searched and searched online for them with no luck. I guess they must have been discontinued. I was so disappointed to not find them! Actually I found one seller on Ebay and they wanted a ridiculous price. I saw the lids with straws in cute colors all over the internet, but not the chalkboard ones with the straws. So, I got to thinking. I could probably make these! And, I knew I could make them for a much cheaper price than that Ebay seller!

I’m so happy to share this DIY Chalkboard Mason Jar Straw Lids post with you! I’d love for you to see just how easy these are to make! And, these are perfect for summer with picnics and reunions coming up. You won’t have to worry about the kids (or maybe you . . 😜haha!) spilling their drinks or have any bugs landing in your glass. And better yet, no one’s glasses will be getting mixed up!

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ONE HOUR Yarn Wrapped Heart Decoration

One Hour Yarn Wrapped Heart Decoration

{ONE HOUR} Yarn Wrapped Heart Decoration 

I don’t know about you, but once my Christmas decorations were taken down and put away, my home felt pretty bare looking! It was time to think about some new decor to liven things up. We recently moved into this home, so I am still working on decorating in general, but while in the midst of that, I wanted to come up with a  little bit of Valentine’s decor for the next month. 

I found my rose pink wood heart and XO for very cheap at a nearby store, and had recently made the ‘Tune my heart to sing Thy grace’ wooden sign. They looked great on my floating shelf that you may remember from this post. But I needed a little something else to finish it off. I wanted to use things I had on hand and came up with a Yarn Wrapped Heart in a pail! 

One Hour Yarn Wrapped Heart Decoration

You’ll need  :

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No Sew Felt Poinsettia Napkin Rings

Happy December 1st!

Poinsettias are so beautiful, and I love them as part of Christmas decor! They are definitely a Christmas classic. These napkin rings are such a fun little project and can be made in just minutes. What’s nice about these is that they can be made by anyone . . . NO sewing is required. 🙂 And, you can do any color combos you choose. I stuck to the classic poinsettia colors today, but I want to try some other cool colors. I’ve seen some pretty awesome colors of felt these days. Hmmm, maybe I need to take a trip to Michaels. 🙂 So let’s get started . . .

'No Sew' Felt Poinsettia Napkin Ring #diy #Christmas #poinsettia #holiday #holidaydecor #placesetting #christmascraft


Here’s what you need:

  • a pair of scissors
  • your color choice of felt    (2 colors–1 for the flower, and 1 for the leaves)
  • the printable pattern

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