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Ten Helps for Teaching Toddlers!

School is right around the corner!! And for many, it’s already begun. I’m excited to establish a little toddler class for my ONE and TWO year old this school year. Their little minds are soaking up so much already, I know they are going to love this! Teaching toddlers is so much fun!

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I’ve done some research for you and put together several different ideas and printables from numerous blogs and sites. I hope you will find these as useful as I have!!!

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Magically Moving Milk Experiment

I watch kids throughout the week, so I’m always in search of some great activities, crafts and projects to keep them entertained! Plus, it’s so much FUN when you can do things like this together, and they LOVE doing these hands-on activities!

If you’re in search of more ideas, Pinterest is great, but I’ve also found out that some of those old, old books at the library are just filled with all kinds of NEAT ideas! There are lots of things they can do on their own as well as ones they’ll need your help with. 

This “MAGICALLY MOVING MILK EXPERIMENT” was a BIG hit with them last week!

So, a win for me, right?! 😜 Haha!! And, this is something that you can easily do over and over again.

Magical Milk | Milk Science Experiment | Milk Science for Kids | Milk Experiment for Kids | Milk Experiment | Magic Milk Fireworks | Kids Science Experiments | Science Experiments for Kids | Kid Fun Activities | With just 4 things you have in your kitchen, you can do this #magical activity that is easy to repeat over and over again! Watch the colors dance, swirl and chase each other forming amazing patterns!

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Eliminate Summer Boredom With These 10 Hands-On Activities

Eliminate Summer Bordeom With These 10 Hands-On Activities 

With summer break nearly halfway over, you may need a fresh batch of ideas of some things to do with the kiddos. There’s nothing better than some good, hands-on activities that’ll engage them and even get them thinking! And they’ll be sure to ooh and ahh at the results!

Kids Summer Activities | Kids Summer Activities At Home | Kids Science Experiments | Kids Science Experiments At Home | Kid Fun Activities | Screen Free Summer | Screen Free Activities | Kids Projects For Summer | Science Experiments For Kids | Activities For Kids | Projects For Kids | Hands On Activities For Kids | Boredom Busters | Looking for some great hands-on activities for the kids that will keep you from hearing them say they're bored?! List list has some great ideas! Check it out on Six Clever Sisters.


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Cute Little Monster FIRST BIRTHDAY! {with free templates and printable invitation!}


Cute Little Monster FIRST BIRTHDAY {with free templates!} | first birthday party | monster party | cake ideas | One year old | decorations | Check it out at Six Clever Sisters blog!

Are you ready to put together one of the cutest parties ever?! This Cute Little Monster First Birthday theme is such an adorable idea!

Here I will give you some basic instructions and tips for:

  1. Monster Cakes
  2. Scrappy Fabric High Chair Banner
  3. Bright Pennant Banner
  4. Number 1 Birthday Shirt
  5. Basic Party Essentials 

Let’s plan this Cute Little Monster First Birthday!

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