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Crochet | Mason Jar | Mason Jar Cozy | Easy Crochet | Crochet Pattern | This easy crocheted mason jar cozy can be whipped up in one evening! Six Clever Sisters has the details and link to pattern!

This beautiful spring weather has put me in the mood to update some of my decor! I try to do this without spending a lot of money, which is actually a really fun challenge for me. ๐Ÿ™‚ There’s something ultra-satisfying in creating something new and beautiful for your home by just using things you already have in your craft stash!

Easy Crocheted Mason Jar Cozy

When I saw the most adorable pattern for this mason jar cozy over at Little Monkeys Crochet, I knew it was something I needed to make that evening! And I did. It literally took an hour or so from start to finish!

What I had for my mason jar cozy:

I knew I had saved several glass jars from the peanut butter we buy, and the size was pretty close to a pint-sized jar. The pattern over on the Little Monkeys Crochet site comes in both quart and pint sizes, so you’ve got options!  I also knew I had some thin blue and gray acrylic yarn in my stash, so I used both strands at once to get a more variegated design. I ended up really liking it that way!

easy crocheted mason jar cozy
Glass jar and acrylic yarns

What I did differently when making my mason jar cozy:

This pattern is so versatile, that you can adjust it to your liking, as far as how tall you make it, how many rows of the tighter stitches you do before you switch to the “shell design,” and when you switch back to the tighter stitches. I found it best to keep the shell design going all the way up to the rim of the jar, then covering the rim with the tighter stitches, instead of leaving it exposed as in the pattern.

Easy Crocheted Mason Jar Cozy
Tighter stitches covering the rim

How my mason jar cozy turned out:

When I was finished, my cozy was the same height as my jar. The width is flexible because it ends up with some stretch, so just pull it up onto the jar!

Easy Crocheted Mason Jar Cozy
Fit the cozy onto the jar!

What my mason jar cozy looks like!

I absolutely love how it turned out! Making a crocheted mason jar cozy was quicker than I anticipated! I popped some wildflowers into it and it looks really nice on my ladder shelf. ๐Ÿ™‚ What a cute and EASY gift idea this is! Save those empty jars!

Easy Crocheted Mason Jar Cozy
Finished mason jar cozy
Easy Crocheted Mason Jar Cozy
Add some flowers!


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