My Friend Sharpened My Knives with this Crazy Trick!?!

How to Sharpen Knives


Did you know how EASY it is to sharpen your kitchen knives? It’s so easy, that it’s actually quite embarrassing that I’ve been using dull kitchen knives for the past several months…or years ??!….and all the while thinking, “I have no sharp knives in this house!”

Well, my friend came over last week and was helping me prepare dinner. I said the usual, “Grab a knife – sorry, none of them are sharp,” when she casually said, “Let me see {and proceeded to open the cupboard and start looking at my bowls}….”

I had no idea what she was looking for, so I asked her what she needed. “This bowl will do,” she said, as she flipped it upside-down onto the counter. And for the next minute, I watched her quickly sharpen my chef’s knife, like it was nothing out-of-the-ordinary.  When she was finished, that chef’s knife sliced through those tomatoes like I had never seen that knife do!  In fact, it was so sharp, that when I was cutting chicken, I cut through the bone with no effort at all {which actually made me a little nervous, seeing that I wasn’t accustomed to using such sharp knives….so I proceeded with extra caution}!

For the next 20 minutes as we chopped vegetables and chicken for dinner prep, I was in awe that I suddenly had good, sharp knives that made my work so much easier! All it took was a bowl with a rough, flat bottom, and a minute of our time! I wish that years ago I would have known how easy it is to sharpen knives! I’d always thought I had to have a sharpening stone or steel and that it took a special technique! Lesson learned! ๐Ÿ˜‰

So, ladies, no more complaining about dull knives {don’t we all do it??} — grab a bowl, or even a coffee mug with the same type of rough bottom rim, and get sharpening!

How to Sharpen Knives
To sharpen your knives, you need a bowl or coffee mug with a rough, flat bottom.
How to Sharpen Knives
Sharpen your knife against the rough edge of the bottom of a bowl or mug — saw back and forth, first on one side, then the other.

Watch how easy it is to sharpen knives!

How to Sharpen Knives
How to Sharpen Knives

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