Washi Tape Wall Frames

Washi Tape Wall Frames


Last week, I finally got pictures up on the walls in our new home – yay! I had been wanting to do it since we moved in six weeks ago, but I just wasn’t sure where I wanted to hang them. Then, I knew I’d need to find frames I like, and the worst part, drill holes in these cement/plaster walls (trust me, it is NOT easy!) that all Greek homes have.

Once I decided to go ahead and drill, I knew my decision would have to be final….and well, I’m just not like that. I need to see things on the wall for a little while and move them around until I find the perfect layout for everything.

I knew THIS blank wall needed some pictures and some color, for sure.

Washi Tape Wall Frames


So I started thinking: I could just temporarily put my pictures up with, say, masking tape…..until I made final decisions on where all my wall decor should go. Then I saw my bag of washi tape and thought, better yet, let me use washi tape so it at least looks pretty while I decide! (because after all, that may take months, and we have company over often!)

When I started looking at all the pretty washi tape I have, keeping the washi tape on the wall as mock “frames” for my pictures sounded like a great idea – and so pretty!

Washi Tape Wall Frames


First, lay all your pictures out on a table, and arrange in the way you think will look good on your wall space.

Washi Tape Wall Frames

Now, look at your designs – divide the light-colored from the dark-colored. Light-colored tapes will go well with darker pictures, and vice versa. Also, black and white pictures look good with colorful tape. Play with it and see what you come up with!

Washi Tape Wall Frames


Grab some masking tape and make loops for the back of each picture. Sticking all of your pictures onto your wall with tiny pieces of masking tape will make it very easy to get them up there and adjust as necessary.

 Washi Tape Wall Frames

Now apply washi tape to your pictures and the wall – I didn’t want to cover too much of my photos, so I only overlapped about 1/8″ – just enough to hold it up there.

There are two options for your corners. One, you can overlap completely so your corners have darker squares. I liked the look of this on my smaller photos.

Washi Tape Wall Frames

Or….you can do 2 sides flush with the edge of your photo, then the opposite sides fill in the rest so the corners don’t have any overlap. (I actually liked the look of just top and bottom strips of washi tape flush with the sides and thought that would be a neat option, too!)

Washi Tape Wall Frames

Now, look at all these pretty frames filling my once-empty wall space! So many pretty washi tape designs make it super-fun!

Washi Tape Wall Frames

After I finished that space, I decided to mount some pictures near my entryway hutch – but this one I did as one big connecting frame instead of four small ones. (see my DIY Chalkboard Chore Chart in the background?! 😉 )

Washi Tape Wall Frames

I started with the horizontal strips and overlapped my tape onto both photos to connect them. Then I finished it off with the vertical strips of tape. I really like the look of this, and it made my entryway look really good!

Washi Tape Wall FramesThere are so many things you can do with washi tape and pictures, so have fun and get taping!! 🙂







  1. Aren’t you concerned about damaging the wall and paint?

    • Hi! No 🙂 Washi tape is safe for painted walls. It’s similar to masking tape in the way that the adhesive isn’t “tacky.”
      If you’re not comfortable with it, though, just stick with regular frames. 😉

  2. Such a good idea!! Love it!

  3. Those are some super cute kids 🙂

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