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Happy 1st Birthday to the Blog! (We Have a Gift for You!)



It’s been one year since the birth of this blog, and wow, it has come so far in one year! Looking back at our first three months of under 1,000 views per month when we wondered how on earth this could ever grow….and now reaching 11,000 views per month and growing by leaps and bounds…it’s just crazy!  We still have SO FAR to go, we know. But we’ve also come farther than we thought was possible!

This past year has been a learning experience for all 6 of us sisters. We literally feel like we went back to school for a year, haha. And, thanks to the Internet, we pretty much DID go to school this past year to learn all about blogging, SEO for Google and Pinterest, how to optimize our posts for Pinterest, when and how to post on social media for the best reach, and so much more. And we’ve had awesome blogger-friends that have given us INVALUABLE help along the way.

We knew that to get our blog to reach its 1st birthday, we would have to put a lot of time and effort in if we wanted to succeed. We’ve spent hours and hours (weeks?!) collaborating and putting our ideas and new information together on our sister group text to make sure we all grow together and are on the same page. Together, we’ve read hundreds of articles and watched dozens of webinars, and it is finally paying off. (Not to say that the work is over. The opposite is true, really. Now that we {think} we know what we are doing ;-), it’s full steam ahead!)

One of the best things about starting this blog has been all the amazing people we have met via the Internet! So many of you are new friends to us since last year, and we have several wonderful blogger friends, as well! What would we do without all of you?? We’re so thankful for your input and encouragement on our posts, and YOU are part of the reason that our blog made it to its 1st birthday. 

So…we want to celebrate our blog’s 1st birthday by giving a gift to one of you!

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A Week of Christmas Giveaways {Day #5}

Christmas Giveaway #christmas #giveaway #gift #idea

Merry Christmas, everyone!

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Oak Leaf Copper Wire LED Lights GIVEAWAY!!! {Ends 8.20.16}

I’m so excited to tell you about these snazzy little decorative LED lights I found on Amazon.com! And I love them so much that I HAVE TO give you guys a set!

Each box includes two (2) strands of lights. They are on a string of copper wire (almost 10 feet), which makes them so charmingly rustic – I love that the wire actually adds to the decor!

I ordered these a few weeks ago, not really knowing exactly what I was getting. I actually thought that they were bigger, but I have had so much fun with these tiny strands of lights and I’m glad they aren’t big like I thought!

Oak Leaf Lights
Oak Leaf copper wire LED lights

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