Christmas GIVE List {printable} for kids

Parents and kids BOTH need this — this printable Christmas GIVE list will get your kids excited about giving gifts!

Christmas GIVE List

I’ve seen so many Christmas wish lists that we can use for our kids to narrow down what they ask for (and I think they’re great, and I use them!), but I haven’t seen a Christmas “GIVE” list!

My kids love to give gifts…almost too much. 😉 So this time of year, I’m already getting “the look” when their ears tune into a Christmas gift idea for one of their siblings. Of course they expect mom to remember that perfect gift idea that they had back in October….but we all know that a homeschooling mom of four isn’t good for that. 😛 Ha!

So what I decided to do was create a list for each of them to start writing down ideas as they come to mind…, two, three, four?! Then we can whittle down later, or shop with a couple ideas in mind and see what we end up finding a deal on.  This will definitely make our Christmas shopping go pretty quickly!

Christmas GIVE List

I also encourage my kids to make handmade gifts instead of buying all of them — not only does this help with the costs of the holidays, but it also makes the gift more meaningful and raises the excitement for GIVING that much more! My daughter loves to give gifts to literally EVERYONE she knows, but, for starters, she has 9 – yes, NINE! – aunts! Ok, so she can’t go to the store and pick out something for each of them, but I can help her make small gifts. Last year, she made each of them a Christmas ornament and was SO excited about it! Baked goods or homemade candy is also a fun option!

Christmas GIVE List

This is what I love, and the reason for this Christmas GIVE List — seeing my kids get so excited about giving a gift that they carefully thought out and that they’re sure the recipient will love!  On Christmas morning, they all want to be the first to pass out their gifts to their siblings. It brings me so much joy to see this!

So, get started on your Christmas GIVE list by downloading your free printable HERE!!

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