10 Braids Every Girl Should Know How to Do

It’s summer time and that means it’s braids season! I love being able to have my hair back in cute braids in the summer heat.

Easy Braids | Braid Tutorial | How to Braid | Dutch Braid | French Braid | Fishtail Braid | Rope Braid | Waterfall Braid | Summer time is here and I love being able to braid my hair during these hot months! Visit SixCleverSisters.com for 10 braids every girl should know how to do!

I’ve compiled a collection of cute braids video tutorials from some of my favorite YouTubers! 

To start off, a simple French braid by The Hair Look.


Once you have a French braid down, now you can move onto a Dutch braid! (Marissa and Brookie)


If you only have a few minutes to get ready, try this easy rope braid by The Freckled Fox!


One of my personal favorites is a fishtail braid! I love Kayley Melissa‘s tutorial 🙂


Once you have the hang of doing a fishtail braid, try this Dutch Fishtail Braid by Missy Sue.


This is a bit of a tougher braid, but it’s so unique and cute! Alex Gaboury shows you how to do this 4-strand braid.


I’ve always loved this braid! Donna shows you how to get a beautiful waterfall braid.


If you don’t think you can do the waterfall braid or if you’re just short on time, Bailey will show you how to do a faux waterfall braid.


Here is an easy crown braid tutorial by Lainey Marie.


Pull-through braids are so easy and cute! Jenny will show you how to get a beautiful pull-through braid.


I hope you enjoy watching all these tutorials! I know I love to try new braids especially in the summer time 🙂

Here are a few of my own hair tutorials:


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  1. Thanks for sharing different styles of braids. I liked the french hair braids style.

  2. Thanks for sharing different styles of braids. I liked the waterfall braids style.

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