25 Crochet Doily Patterns

25 Easy Crochet Doily Patterns

Have you ever crocheted a doily?!? I think they are gorgeous. Some people think they are old fashioned or outdated, but like so many other things, they are making a come back! And you’ll be surprised how perfectly they fit into our modern decor.

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How do I decorate with the easy crochet doily I just made?

There are decorative uses and functional purposes!

  • Centerpiece
  • Draped on an armchair
  • Starched and hung on a wall
  • Stretched in a hoop to hang
  • Hot pad
  • Placemat

Doilies are stunning works of art! They show so much detail and imagination. I love all the different yarn weights and color options that make each doily unique. These free patterns will help you get started on deciding what you want to make!


Most crochet doily patterns are worked in the round. The most common doily shape is round, but there are also some patterns for square, rectangle and oval! There are also a lot of star burst shaped ones, which are made similar to a round one. You’ll also notice some of the doilies are sold colored, while others are multiple colors.

Most doily patterns are made with crochet thread or a super fine thread and are very dainty and delicate, but notice in all these free patterns how using thicker yarns can vastly change the look! You may like working with a thicker yarn a lot more, as it is much easier. But of course, it depends what you want to use your doily for and how you want it to look. Use a thicker, heat resistant yarn for a hot pad.


Check out some of our other patterns. 

These Crochet Edging Patterns are a great way to finish off some of your projects!

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25 Easy Crochet Doily Patterns

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