25 Easy Crochet Animals for Beginners

Crochet animals are so much fun to make! Kids love them, because they’re soft and snuggly. They are usually quick projects, which makes them perfect for people that don’t have a ton of time to craft. And they are small projects and easy to tote around and work on here and there. Crochet animals are certainly great projects for beginner crocheters. 

In this post, I’ll share 25 FREE beginner-friendly crochet animal patterns. If you have a little special someone, these make the perfect handmade gifts. Or if you want to learn more about crocheting and make yourself something, try one of these easy patterns. All of the patterns I have listed here are FREE patterns! 


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Crochet Softies

Try your hand at making crochet animals! You may see the word ‘amigurumi’. Don’t be confused! This is just a name for the Japanese art of making yarn creatures, whether crochet or knit. 

There’s so many different shapes and sizes. Make them as big or small as you’d like! Make them as plush as you’d like! Make them as neutral or colorful as you’d like!

Everyone seems to love these cute crochet animals. Amigurumi projects make perfect gifts, especially for babies and kids. They’re just so huggable. Below you will find 25 Easy Crochet Animal Patterns for beginners! They are all FREE patterns!!



Can beginners make crochet animals?

Absolutely! These are great projects for beginners. Most beginner friendly patterns require you to know just a few simple crochet stitches. You also need to know how to sew pieces together and how to embroider some of the facial features! All very easy once you give it a try!

Here is a link for some basic beginner stitches. If you are new to crochet, it’s best to practice these stitches with some scrap yarn for a bit. 


Some of the basic stitches and techniques in these animal patterns:

  • Single crochet
  • Increases and Decreases
  • Crocheting in Spiral Rounds
  • Changing Colors

Best Yarn for Making Crochet Animals

Cotton yarn is easy for beginners to use, and gives your projects great stitch definition, too!

Worsted weight acrylic or even bulky-weight chenille yarns can be used to make crochet animals, too.

Or try this blend of cotton and acrylic. It comes in so many good colors too! This Lion Brand blend is also amazing for crochet animal projects.

Other Supplies Needed

You may also need:

25 Easy Crochet Animal Patterns

Start your adorable collection with these 25 free crochet animal patterns!

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