25 Olive Garden Recipes to Make at Home!

Olive Garden recipes | copycat Olive Garden | Olive Garden Alfredo sauce | Olive Garden chicken

Compiling this amazing roundup of Olive Garden recipes is making me HUNGRY! As money gets tighter, it is fun to find ways to still enjoy restaurant-quality food at home. Trying mouthwatering Olive Garden recipes at home is much easier on the budget than eating there, plus cooking food with your husband or kids on a weekend evening is an added free family activity!

In this roundup, you’ll find everything from Olive Garden alfredo sauce, zuppa toscana soup, chicken scampi, lemon cream cake, salad, fried ravioli, and more!

Why make food at home instead of eating out?

  1. Whipping up meals at home isn’t just about the food—it’s a whole cooking fiesta! Take charge of your ingredients, crafting healthier and personalized dishes. Plus, it’s a penny-pincher’s dream, waving goodbye to pricey restaurant bills.
  2. But wait, there’s more! Get ready for a sprinkle of achievement and a dash of creativity as you dabble in the culinary arts. Cooking with loved ones turns meal prep into a bonding bonanza, making memories one dish at a time. And forget the hustle and bustle of restaurants; create your own cozy dining haven. I know for myself, eating out with toddlers and babies is NOT very fun. Why not try Olive Garden recipes after the babies are in bed, for a cheap but amazing date night idea? Eliminating fights with keeping tired kids happy, seated, and quiet in a restaurant is definitely a win for me! 
  3. And the cherry on top? By cooking at home, you’re not just a culinary wizard—you’re an eco-hero! Cut down on waste, ditch single-use plastics, and slay portion control like a pro.


Restaurant meals can quickly add up, especially with additional charges for:

(For extra pizzazz, you could serve the cold drinks in fancy glasses like these to make the meal feel even more like a restaurant!)


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  • tips
  • and sometimes service fees.

Don’t get me wrong, I still enjoy a relaxing meal out once in a while, especially if I have family around to watch my littles, or for a special celebration! But with finances being tighter and not as many opportunities to get out without kids, why not enjoy restaurant-quality food *much more often* with these Olive Garden recipes at home?

25 Olive Garden Recipes

The best Olive Garden recipes to make at home! Copycat recipes for tiramisu, zuppa toscana, alfredo sauce, chicken scampi, and more!

Olive Garden recipes | copycat Olive Garden | Olive Garden Alfredo sauce | Olive Garden chicken

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