40 Dryer Sheet Hacks (did you know?!)

Dryer Sheet Hacks | uses for dryer sheets | Dryer Sheets used as mosquito repellent | Uses for dryer sheets besides laundry | 40 dryer sheet hacks and uses found at Six Clever Sisters!

40 Dryer Sheet Hacks (did you know?!)

Dryer sheets are a common household item used to soften clothes and prevent static cling.

However, many people are unaware of the many other uses for dryer sheets beyond laundry day. In fact, dryer sheets can be used in a variety of ways around the house, from cleaning to repelling insects.

Dryer Sheet Hacks | uses for dryer sheets | Dryer Sheets used as mosquito repellent | Uses for dryer sheets besides laundry | 40 dryer sheet hacks and uses found at Six Clever Sisters!

One of the reasons dryer sheets work on things other than clothes is due to their chemical composition.

Typical dryer sheets contain a mix of chemicals, including surfactants, lubricants, and fragrances, that make them effective at reducing static and softening fabrics. These same chemicals can also be useful for other household tasks, such as cleaning and freshening up spaces. Additionally, the slightly abrasive texture of dryer sheets can help remove dirt and grime from surfaces without scratching or damaging them. (We have some “clean” options below to avoid chemicals! ⬇️ )

I haven’t always been a huge dryer sheet fan, due to my husband’s asthma and sensitivity to clothes dried with dryer sheets, but I recently found some “clean” options and we’re using them without any problems! (We’re currently using THESE, but exploring other options, too.)

Here are three that you may want to consider if you prefer to steer clear of chemicals or have a sensitivity to normal dryer sheets:

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Dryer Sheet Hacks

Here are some dryer sheet hacks that readers say actually work:

  1. Use for dusting: save those used dryer sheets because the anti-static in them will still be effective and make dusting easier!
  2. Keep flies out of the house: clip some dryer sheets up wherever you have a fly problem (near doors, inside the house) to repel flies!
  3. Keep your car smelling fresh: slide a dryer sheet underneath seats in the car for a fresh smell!
  4. Clean bugs off your car: wet a new dryer sheet and wipe the front of your car to easily remove bugs and gunk!
  5. Place in drawers: dryer sheets in drawers will keep bugs and mice away, as well as keep a constant fresh smell.
  6. Use when you close up an RV or trailer: this will keep bugs and mice out of there!
  7. Place inside shoes: keep shoes smelling fresh and clean by letting the dryer sheet soak up the stinky smell.
  8. Put them in your luggage: no more musty smell in your suitcase if you have a fresh dryer sheet or two in there!
  9. Use on a Swiffer: if you’re out of dry sweeping cloths for your Swiffer, grab a dryer sheet!
  10. Polish faucets: cleaning your faucet with a wet dryer sheet will make it shine!
  11. Use as a mouse deterrent: stick some dryer sheets in cabinets or wherever you get mice, and it will keep them away!
  12. In your purse: keep a new dryer sheet in your purse for a fresh smell!
  13. Keep deer away: put dryer sheets on stakes around your garden (use twist ties or cable ties) if you need to keep deer from eating your plants!
  14. Wipe up the bathroom sink: wet a used dryer sheet to shine up your sink!
  15. Clean the grill: wet dryer sheets and place them on your grill racks. Come back in an hour and all that gunk will come off easily! (I definitely need to try this one!)
  16. Store with Christmas decorations: pop one into each tote of decor to keep them from smelling musty by next year.
  17. Keep mosquitoes away: readers say rub them on your skin – if you don’t have natural/clean dryer sheets, please don’t do this – you can pop one into a pocket or just place near where you will be outside. Or try some of the ones I linked to above! ⬆️
  18. Clean the gunk off your iron: Turn your iron on medium and iron a dryer sheet to remove anything sticky from your iron!
  19. Use as kindling: use to start a fire and get some good smell at the same time! (again, I highly recommend “clean” dryer sheets)
  20. Get rid of static cling: rub a dryer sheet on your dress or even your hair to reduce static!
  21. Add to a diaper bag: keep a diaper bag from smelling bad by putting a fresh dryer sheet in it.
  22. Clean your mirrors: dampen a used dryer sheet to clean your mirrors! They collect the dust and make it shiny at the same time.
  23. Clean a dirty pan: when you soak a tough-to-clean pan, put a dryer sheet in with the water. Wait and hour and everything will come right off!
  24. Keep ants away from pets’ bowls: put a dryer sheet under your pet’s bowl to keep ants away. (If your pet will try to eat the dryer sheet, then this option is not for you!)
  25. Keep bees out of your mailbox: put a dryer sheet all the way in the back of your mailbox to keep bees and spiders out!
  26. Place under outdoor furniture cushions: keep bugs and bees away from your furniture!
  27. Dust fabric lampshades: that anti-static in dryer sheets will make the dust cling to it – use new or old dryer sheets for this!
  28. Use in your vacuum: place a fresh dryer sheet on top of your vacuum filter, or simply put one in your vacuum bag, to make your house smell fresh while you vacuum!
  29. Attach with twist ties to ropes or chains on a swing set: keep mosquitoes and bees away from the kids!
  30. Remove deodorant marks: white marks on a black shirt? Rub a dryer sheet on it to remove it!
  31. Clean soot off glass candles: used dryer sheets are all it takes!
  32. Clean screens: sheets must be DRY, not wet! They will gather the dust from your TV or computer screen, as well as prevent it (that antistatic 🥳) for a little longer!
  33. Clean paintbrushes: add a dryer sheet to a bucket of water, then soak your paintbrushes for an hour and the cleaning will be easy!
  34. Polish a dry erase board: dryer sheets will not scratch your board, plus they work well at getting marker off!
  35. Clean shower doors: readers say that a little bit of water on a dryer sheet is a great solution for getting soap scum off shower doors!
  36. Deodorize your trash can: simply place a fresh dryer sheet in the bottom of your trash can before putting a new bag in!
  37. Remove crayon from walls: they say rubbing a dryer sheet over a child’s “creation” on your painted walls will remove it easily!? Let me know if you try this one!
  38. Hide them in your couch cushions: keep your area smelling fresh by hiding dryer sheets in the couch cushions!
  39. Clean your glasses: dryer sheets won’t scratch, and they’ll remove smudges from your glasses!
  40. Clean baseboards: that anti-static feature of dry dryer sheets will grab the dust as you wipe down your baseboards!

Whether you’re looking to repel insects, freshen up your car, or remove stubborn soap scum from your shower doors, dryer sheets can be a versatile and effective tool. With so many different dryer sheet hacks, it’s no wonder that many households keep a box of dryer sheets on hand at all times. So the next time you finish a load of laundry, don’t throw away that dryer sheet just yet – there are plenty of other ways to put it to good use!


Dryer Sheet Hacks | uses for dryer sheets | Dryer Sheets used as mosquito repellent | Uses for dryer sheets besides laundry | 40 dryer sheet hacks and uses found at Six Clever Sisters!

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