Curly Low Bun Hair Tutorial Video

It’s Wednesday and it’s time for another hair tutorial video! Today I have for you a curly low bun perfect for a formal occasion but also quick and easy to do.

 Hair Tutorial | Bridal Hair | Curly Updo | Curly Low Bun | Updo Tutorial | How to Updo | This video will show you how to style a beautiful curly low bun perfect for a wedding or any formal occasion!

Curly Low Bun Hair Tutorial

I’m so excited to bring you this curly low bun tutorial! This tutorial starts out with a foam donut bun maker . . . if you don’t have one of these, may I ask you . . . what in the world are you waiting for??? Seriously, the best investment I’ve made – I have a large foam donut and two small donuts. I use mine pretty much 3-4 times a week (what can I say I love messy buns 🙂 ) To use these, you first put your hair in a ponytail (you can tease it at the crown first if you need to), place a foam bun over your pony, and tuck the hair in. That simple. { Click here and buy one. Right now. You need it. }

For this style, I wanted a more sophisticated bun, so I started with a low bun at the nape of the neck. Then, I curled, twisted, and fluffed sections of the hair and pinned them to the low bun. If you’ve watched any of my other hair tutorial videos, you know how much I love twisting and curling 🙂

I love this updo for a formal night or for a wedding! Lemme know in the comments below if you try out this curly low bun 🙂

*I did this style on naturally wavy hair . . . it really can work on any type of hair though since you curl the side sections anyways. I would recommend styling day-old hair or using texture spray.

Happy styling, ladies!

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