DIY Felt Poinsettia Christmas Wreath

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When I spotted this beautiful wreath in a book, I knew I had to try one out. {{BTW, this book is a gem. It has gorgeous felt projects and would be a perfect gift for someone crafty}} We’ve been sewing day & night, literally, for our Etsy shop – so I was happy about a no-sew project that I could sit on the couch and do 😉

All you need is – 

  • felt – 3 shades of pink, 2 shades of green, and cream
  • straight pins
  • pearl head pins
  • 14″ foam wreath

I did mine in the same colors that the book uses, but it could be done in any combination. I want to do a cream/oatmeal/gold one next time. So pick whatever colors suit your DIY wreath tutorial poinsettia felt craft holiday projectCut your felt into petal shapes. You’ll need 5 large petals, 2 medium petals, and 5 small petals for each flower. I did 12 flowers on my wreath, so that totals 60 large petals, 12 medium petals, and 30 small petals. 

Colors don’t really matter. Below you can see basically what I used for each DIY wreath tutorial poinsettia felt craft holiday project

Now I’ll show you how to put together each poinsettia. I’m going to show you on the green felt background so that it’s easy to see, but you’ll want to pin them directly on the wreath. 

Start with the 5 large petals. Using the straight pins, pinch the felt as pictured and push the pin through.

Now put your two medium petals on top of that. Place them wherever looks best. The more variety in your flowers, the more natural it will look.

Lastly, put your 5 small petals on. But this time, use the pearl head pins to create the center.

To make the leaves, cut your greens and cream felt into narrow strips about 3 inches long. Bundle about 12 cream strips, 3 dark green strips, and 3 light green strips. Tie them together with a piece of thread and fluff.

Then just arrange them around the flowers on your wreath and attach with a pin through the center.

So fun and easy. And a beautiful finished project!


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