DIY Flower Jar

diy flower jar

Happy Wednesday everybody! I’ve got an easy DIY decor flower jar for you today – it’s super cute, super easy, and super inexpensive!

I made this for one of my little friend’s birthday . . . she got her room remodeled and repainted recently, so I made her a little decoration for her desk. I found the jar at Jo-Ann Fabrics on clearance for $2.97 – plus I had a 20% off coupon!! I also found the fabric flower there also on clearance for around the same price! The blue paper filler I got from . . . you guessed it . . . Jo-Ann’s 🙂 It was regular price $3.99 but I had a 50% off coupon. Can you tell yet I love to save money?? Haha 🙂

So you will need:

  • a mason jar (you can get these pre-decorated or paint them yourself)
  • a fabric flower
  • paper shred filler paper
  • hot glue gun

Alright-y . . . to start off with I made sure the jar was clean. I simply wiped down the inside and outside of the jar with a paper towel to get the dust off. Can I just say I love the design on this jar – it’s so cute!!! If you don’t have a jar that’s already painted, you could easily paint any Mason jar yourself. DIY painted Mason jars are all the rage right now (I did a tutorial for Stars & Stripes Mason Jars) – plus you can get the exact color you want when you paint them yourself.

diy mason jar


Secondly, I trimmed the stem of the flower. I wanted the flower to pop just out of the top of the jar, but the stem was way too long for my short jar. I held the flower up to the jar and marked with a pen where I wanted to cut it. The stem was really thick – I used scissors to get the green off, then wire cutters to cut the wire. The wire was really thick so I cut as much as I could through it with the wire cutters and then I bent it back and forth to break it.


diy mason jar



After I trimmed my stem, I filled the jar with some blue paper shred filler. If you are using a bigger jar, you could always get more filler paper or use some crumpled up paper in the bottom of the jar (if the bottom of the jar won’t be seen). I filled the jar about 1/3 of the way full . . .

diy mason jar


Before I put the flower in, I decided I wanted the leaves from the stem to go underneath the flower, so I snipped both leaves off the flower stem and hot glued them onto the rim of the jar . . . they were easy to bend, so after I glued them, I shaped them to the way I wanted.


diy flower jar


Next, I put the flower in the jar and filled the jar with more paper shred filler.

diy flower jar


The flower looked like it needed to be spread out a little more, so I grabbed my hot glue gun and dotted some glue spots where I wanted it tacked down.

Isn’t it adorable??? It would look so cute on a bookshelf or on a desk (like my little friend did!) or on top of a dresser . . . it adds such a cute little touch 🙂

diy flower jar

Also – how many of you would like to see a tutorial for this flower?? I inspected it before I made this and it looked like it would be so easy to make! Lemme know in the comments below!!



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  1. So cute!! Yes we want the tutorial!!

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