Easy Front Poof Hair Tutorial

Happy Wednesday! I’m so excited to introduce to you all the first video in a series of hair tutorials!


Easy Front Poof Hair Tutorial

I love these tutorials because they’re so easy to do and are super chic and cute! I’m all about cute and *easy* hairstyles. Each video in this series will show you how to do these easy and pretty hairstyles either on a friend or on yourself!

Today’s hair tutorial is an easy front poof. This is the perfect hairdo if you have flat hair but you like to leave it down and you want to add some volume to the top. Plus, it’s so fast – in just a couple of minutes you can look put together and ready for the day 🙂



*Tip – You really want to make sure you tease at the crown – it’s so important to get your volume there. Plus, when you secure your poof with bobby pins {sliding them into the section of teasing at the crown}, the pins will be less likely to slide out. Also, when you tease, try to get it as smooth as possible. Notice how I’ll tease and then gently glide the comb over the section I just teased. You don’t want your hair to look tangled and messy . . . always smooth it over!

I actually just did this hair style on myself a few days ago – we were traveling and I needed something that was quick and easy but would still make me look presentable when we arrived at our destination. This style was perfect for that – I didn’t even curl my hair – just washed and dried it, ran my straightener through it and added a front poof!

I’m planning on posting a new video tutorial every other week so be sure to check back every other Wednesday! Also, let me know in the comments below what you think of these 🙂 I love hearing your feedback!

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  1. Love this!! Teasing is my favorite ????

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