Free Printable Banners from Six Clever Sisters

Are you always looking for FREE printable banners? Our free downloadable banners are no hassle, no strings attached… just push the download button and print! It’s that easy!

We have banners for so many styles and occasions. You’re sure to find something that will suit you.

One thing you’ll love to find is the entire alphabet included, so you can choose and print whatever letters you need for your custom message. Free Printable Banners couldn’t be better!!!

What type of paper should I use?

We like to use this cardstock! The firmer the paper or cardstock, the less likely your banner will curl up on the edges.

How do I cut out my banner?

We love this paper cutter because there is a wire guide that shows *exactly* where it’s going to slice all the way down the paper. Or simply use scissors!

Do you have a favorite printer?

This laser printer  is a favorite! But you can also take the file to Staples, UPS store, Office Depot, etc. for inexpensive color prints on a laser printer.

How do I hang the banner once it is cut out?

Punch a hole in each top corner. Then thread pretty ribbon, yarn, or twine through the holes, and you’re ready to display your banner! I love the velvet ribbon choice in this one!

Six Clever Sisters' Free Printable Banners

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