How to Froth Milk using a French Press

French Press coffee is becoming a favorite to me and my husband! It’s not something we have every day, it’s more of a special treat for an afternoon pick me up, or sometimes in the morning if it’s a day we can relax, take our time, and talk over our coffee (which are my favorite mornings ever!). But just recently I learned something new about my french press….. I can use it to froth milk!! Creamy, steamy, frothy goodness. Makes the already delicious, rich coffee even so much better! And the best part about it…. it only takes 5 minutes!!! Perfect.


How to Froth Milk Using a French Press

How to Froth Milk Using a French Press

Here’s how:

Heat about 1 1/2 – 2 cups of milk until very hot, but not boiling. I used a glass measuring cup and microwaved it for about 3 minutes. (your french press should be no more than 1/3 full) Pour the hot milk into the  french press.

How to Froth Milk Using a French Press
Pour hot milk into french press

Now, while holding the top down, push and pull the plunger vigorously until the milk doubles in volume. This only takes about one minute!

How to Froth Milk Using a French Press

Now pour the frothy milk over your coffee and ENJOY!!!!

How to Froth Milk Using a French Press


Another idea for using your frothed milk… make a steamer! A steamer is simply hot, frothy milk, flavored with a syrup. My favorite… Sugar Free Salted Caramel. These are especially perfect for when I don’t want any caffeine, and for me, are the perfect drink to relax and unwind with before going to bed.

Here’s how to make a steamer:

Add about 2-3 Tablespoons of syrup to your mug. Froth your milk in the same way as above, pour into your mug and stir. Mmmmm. Sip away.

That simple.

Some popular steamer flavors include caramel, vanilla, Irish cream, cinnamon dulce, chocolate and mint. Try any syrup flavor you desire… then try combinations of different syrups, like raspberry vanilla or chocolate caramel.

How to Froth Milk Using a French Press

You never knew frothing milk could be so simple!

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