Girls Shoes with DIY Interchangeable Embellishments

Girls shoes with DIY interchangeable embellishments

Girls Shoes with DIY Interchangeable Embellishments

Many little girls love cute shoes and tend to choose ones that express their unique personality and sense of style. They can end up with a lot of shoes when they’re picking a pair for every occasion!

I have a little girl and understand firsthand her “need” for cute shoes that make her feel confident and special – that’s why I found a way to let her choose different styles without owning an exorbitant amount of shoes!

Introducing girls shoes with DIY interchangeable embellishments!

So whether your little girl is dressing up for a special occasion or headed out on errands with you, she can choose from fluffy flowers to cute fruits to put on her sandals.

Here’s how it works:

The Dream Pairs company sells girls sandals that have a velcro circle on top for adding embellishments! I’ve got them for my daughter and the quality is top-notch. *I’ll update you on how they wear in a couple of months, but so far, I’m not worried that they will need replaced before my daughter outgrows them.*

They come in pink, rose gold, white, and brown – my daughter loves everything pink and sparkly, so rose gold was definitely the best option for her. 🙂 You can see the exact ones we have by clicking HERE. The great thing is that they *do* come with 4 sets of interchangeable fruit accessories, so even if you don’t get started on extra embellishments right away, you have a few to start with.

What you need:

How to make the interchangeable embellishments on these sandals:

  1. Collect your supplies

    Check your favorite craft stores, Amazon, or Etsy for the type of embellishments that you prefer.
    You’ll also need velcro circles (I found 3/4″ Velcro circles at the craft store, but you can go as big as 1 1/4″ – you could even cut these out yourself from Velcro sheets!).
    Note: you only need the “hook side” (or rough side) of the Velcro circles. The sandals have the “loop side” (soft side) of the Velcro.

    Girls shoes with DIY interchangeable embellishments
    Don’t forget to have scissors and hot glue gun handy as well.

  2. Cut stems off flowers

    When you’re looking for embellishments, make sure you find ones that lie flat – if they’re raised up a lot, it looks funny on the sandal.
    I found some really pretty flowers in the wedding section at Hobby Lobby! There were also options in their floral stems department, but I really like the ivory one I found HERE in the wedding section (along with THIS ONE that’s a pure white satin).Girls shoes with DIY interchangeable embellishments
    If your flowers have stems like some of mine did, you’ll need to clip those off with scissors. If you still feel wire poking out, be sure to bend that down.

  3. Attach Velcro to the backs of embellishments

    Even if the Velcro circles have sticky backs, you’ll want to attach them with hot glue to ensure long-term use.Girls shoes with DIY interchangeable embellishments

  4. Decorate the sandal with your new embellishment

    Create as many embellishments as you prefer and enjoy all the styles you now have! Just take one off and put a new one on with the easy Velcro-back embellishments!Girls shoes with DIY interchangeable embellishments


Girls shoes with DIY interchangeable embellishments

I’d love to hear how creative all of you are with this idea! Be sure to share with us where you find the prettiest embellishments for these shoes! ❤️ I’ll be looking for more!

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