Hospital Gift Basket… for a new mom!


Are you looking for a way to reach out to your community? Or maybe you have a friend nearing time to give birth? These Hospital Gift Baskets are a wonderful way to show your care and love!

My church has been putting these gift baskets together for well over a year now. The Mothers’ Pavilion at our hospital is so thrilled to accept them from us and to give them to their new moms! We include a small card and book from our church Congratulating them on their new arrival and have received several thankful responses (which often include a picture of the new lil one! So presh!)

Gift Basket Items

What do we put in our baskets? We try to think of some small items that most everyone will use since they are being given to people that we don’t know. If you are making one for a friend, try to include some of their favorites! 

Some diapers and wipes… because you never have enough of those. Johnson & Johnson makes a great travel set of shampoo, wash, lotion, powder and desitin. Chapstick and gum or mints are a necessity in the hospital. (at least for me!) Shampoo and conditioner, bar soap and toothpaste are things that are not usually provided at the hospital. Of course, germ-x and kleenexes are great to have handy. And don’t forget a little chocolate!! These are just some ideas! Of course, your budget will need to be taken into consideration if you plan to make several of these. Ours come out at about $20 per basket. 


The basket is a simple plastic tub from Dollar Tree. They come in several colors and are the perfect size for the items we have. Once the basket is filled and arranged how we like it, we wrap it in plastic (we order this from Amazon) and add some pretty ribbon. 

Beautiful and ready to be delivered!



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