Preschool Girl Holiday Gift Guide

Christmas is almost here 🙂 I don’t know about you, but this is – by far – my favorite time of year.

I love all the busyness – and shopping to find just the right gifts for all the special people in your life.

If you have some little girls you need to buy gifts for this year, this holiday gift guide will show you all the *perfect* gifts for them! Shopping for little girls is so much fun 🙂




1 – These ShapeMags magnetic tiles are such a great toy – my friend’s little girl loves building with these 🙂 They’re a great activity to help with motor skills! { I think these could be included on any age holiday gift guide 😉 }


2 – What little girl wouldn’t love to have her very own princess castle?? This one is easy to put up and down so you can easily fold it up and put it away if you’re having company over and you feel it’s in the way.


– If your little girl likes to play in her play kitchen, then this cuttable play food set will be perfect for her. Each food item is held together with velcro to make it easy for your child to ‘cut’ and serve.


4 – I had to include this kitchen sink in this gift guide! The little girls I nanny have one of these kitchen sinks and they love to go out on the patio and ‘wash the dishes’ 🙂 It’s not messy and very easy to clean up – your little girl will be fascinated with the working faucet!


5 – You can’t go wrong with Melissa & Doug toys, am I right? 🙂 This little cookie baking set is so cute!


6 – LeapFrog has great educational toys and this little ‘computer’ will help your little one learn her letters and numbers and how to spell her name!

7 – I love Button Art 🙂 My friend’s two little girls love creating pictures with their buttons. And it comes with a tray, making it easy to clean-up!


8 – This Frozen microphone plays “Let It Go” and other songs from Frozen so your little girl can put on her own show and sing along 🙂


9 – The little girls I nanny also have this cute ice cream cone set. Melissa & Doug for the win again!!

10 – Crafts are so much fun to do with little ones . . . this popsicle stick art craft set looks so cute and fun 🙂


11 – All little girls love to dress up – this shoe and jewelry set will complete their get-up. Looking for a play princess dress? Check out #13 in this gift guide 🙂


12 – This Peppa Pig gardening set is so cute – it includes a gardening apron, pretend plants, a watering pot, a flower pot, a shovel, and a rake.


13 – Your little girl can pretend she’s a princess with these cute Disney princess dresses. They even come with matching jewelry, tiaras, and a storage trunk!


14 – This book is so much fun to read with all of its crazy rhymes and silly words. Your little one will for sure get a kick out of hearing you read it to them 🙂


15 – This game can keep your child occupied for a long time 🙂 It’s a great game to teach them motor skills and concentration.

16 – Connect 4 is such a classic game – I have fond memories of playing this over and over again with my mom when I was preschool-aged 🙂

*note that this game does have small pieces

17 – This toy also brings back so many memories 🙂 Did anyone else have a Tickle-Me Elmo that they just loved??


18 – Let your little girl feel pampered at bath time with these fun and fizzy bath bombs.

Have fun shopping this year and let us know if you’ve found something that would be great to add to this preschool girls holiday gift guide!

If you’re looking for some gifts for your little men, check out this holiday gift guide!Preschool Girls Holiday Gift Guide | Gift Guide | Little Girls Gifts

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