25 Knit Hat Patterns Easy to Make!

Ready to knit up a simple project? These knit hat patterns are ready for you to download and gather supplies for a fun project. If you find yourself snowed in or suffering from cabin fever or need a Christmas gift idea for a friend, why not try one of these hats for a craft activity?

Come back and tell us which one you made and what you like about it!

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Once winter comes, I just want to sit with a skein of yarn and needles and make something cozy.

These would make great Christmas gifts for friends and family, as well as these knit boot cuffs. Did you see this post we did on knit boot cuffs? Who wouldn’t like a set of these during the winter months?

People love handmade gifts for Christmas or birthday or just because, and knit projects like these make great gift ideas!

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Knit Hat Patterns

If you’ve never made a hat, the thought may seem overwhelming. But, it’s really not! If you know some knitting basics, you can make a hat.

First, you need a good idea of what size hat you would like to make. To ensure a snug fit, you will make the circumference of the hat smaller than the circumference of the one wearing the hat. Typically, a preemie hat will be around 12″, a baby hat 14-16″, a toddler/child hat will be 18″, teen or adult small 20″ and adult large 22″. Of course your hat can be whatever circumference fits you!

25 Knit Hat Patterns

25 Knit Hat Patterns

find all kinds of different styles of hats to knit!

Whether you’re searching for knit hat patterns for a gift to make for a friend, or you’re needing new head accessories to keep you warm this winter, the above patterns are all you need. You’ll find patterns from casual to more intricate to chic….styles to fit your taste!

Can you use straight needles to knit a hat?

Good news! You can! Some patterns give directions for knitting in the round typically from the brim up and shaping for the crown. Other patterns will give you directions to knit on straight needles and then join the seam at the back when finished. If you’re following a pattern, find a pattern that calls for straight needles if that’s what you’re more comfortable doing.

Is it easy for a beginner to knit a hat?

Knitting a hat is fairly simple. If you are unsure of how to do something, find a YouTube tutorial! It may be easier to find a pattern that is knit on straight needles if this is your first knit hat project.

What kind of yarn is best for knitting hats?

LoveLifeYarn says it best “Superwash wool, wool blends, and premium acrylic yarns are all good choices for hats that can be laundered. Acrylics are good because they hold up extremely well to repeated washings, but some people aren’t crazy about the way they breathe (or don’t)”

How many balls of yarn do I need for a hat?

Typically for a hat you will only need one skein of yarn.


We have lots more knit project patterns on our blog. Check it out HERE.

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