14 Blanket Storage Ideas that are Practical!

Blanket storage ideas | Practical blanket storage ideas | Blanket Storage living room | Practical ideas for storing blankets during and after winter on the Six Clever Sisters blog!

Blanket Storage Ideas that are Practical!

Worried about clutter from blankets all over the place this winter?

Or are you thinking about how to store them once winter is over?

We’ve got you covered with several blanket storage ideas that are practical.

I like having lots of blankets nearby in the winter, so that when we cozy up on the couch for a movie or to read, everyone can grab their favorite blanket to stay warm. I have a big basket of blankets near the couch, but once the weather is warm, I like to clear out the space and store them in storage bags up in the closet.

Either way, there are ideas for everyone below! Take a look! 👀⬇️

Blanket Storage Ideas that are Practical

Whether you want to store blankets out of reach or easily accessible, we've got several practical options for blanket storage here for you!

For you blanket collectors, where do you find the best blankets? I checked out The Spruce’s top 10 blanket recommendations, and BOY do blankets get expensive!?! I’ve found some great ones at IKEA and Home Goods recently that do NOT come with a $200 price tag. 🤪

Leave a comment below telling us which store has the best blankets!


Blanket storage ideas | Practical blanket storage ideas | Blanket Storage living room | Practical ideas for storing blankets during and after winter on the Six Clever Sisters blog!

FAQ’s on Blanket Storage ideas:

How do you store lots of blankets?

There are several great blanket storage options above – but if you are trying to store lots and lots of blankets, I definitely recommend using the vacuum storage bags (#10) and then putting those into zipper storage bags (#3).

Where should I store my blankets without a closet?

If you don’t have a closet, utilize furniture that can double as blanket storage – ottomans that open and coffee tables with space below are great options. Otherwise, look for space that you already have (back of the door, under the bed, etc.) and store blankets there!

What is the best way to store blankets and sheets?

No one wants their blankets to become smelly or damaged in storage, so the most important thing is the climate you are storing them in. Store in a cool, dry place. Place dryer sheets between layers of bedding, then use a vacuum bag to keep bedding fresh.

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