Round Christmas Sign Door Hanger Easy DIY Project

Easy Christmas craft to make using simple craft supplies!

round christmas sign

What do I need to make this DIY Christmas round door hanger?

round christmas wooden sign

How do I make a Christmas circle door sign?

  1. First you will need a charger (decorative plate) from the dollar store, Walmart, Hobby Lobby, Michaels . . . anywhere that has Christmas decorations will have chargers! I love this one that I got with the wood grain look and cut out trees and stars. Choose one that best fits the decorating style that you are going for.
  2. Next you will want to choose a few Christmas faux florals that match your Christmas charger. I chose natural pines and berries, but you could also do a selection of golds and neutrals, blues, or bright greens and reds.

3. Next you will want to section off a strip of your charger to paint red and to write the word “christmas” on. I love the red paint against the cream color of my charger, but you could always paint this strip black, green, white . . . once again choose whatever fits your decor style!

Take the masking tape and press it firmly on the charger as shown in the picture below. Make sure that the tape is straight and that it is pressed very firmly onto the charger so that the paint does not bleed through.

4. After the masking tape is prepped, paint inside of the masking tape area with the acrylic paint. After it has dried, remove the masking tape, and you’ll be left with *perfectly* straight and crisp lines.

round door sign christmas
christmas round sign

5. Next we will do the lettering! For this step you can choose:

  • freehand – I used this technique
  • Cricut machine – a great gift idea for any crafter!
  • using a template . . .

This technique is the easiest way in my opinion!

christmas circle door hanger

6. Hot glue the florals onto the charger, arranging them in layers where everything is seen.

7. Next make a nice big bow with your ribbon. This video explains it perfectly, and that’s how I made mine. 🙂 Hot glue the completed bow onto your sign.

. . . and that’s it! A beautiful handmade round Christmas sign for your home, or it would make a lovely gift as well. Merry Christmas!

round christmas wooden sign



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