Curly Half Up-Do Hair Tutorial

Happy Wednesday! I’m back with another video hair tutorial! I hope you enjoy this curly half up-do 🙂

 hair tutorialCurly Half Up-Do Hair Tutorial

Hey everyone! I’m back with another hair tutorial video 🙂 I hope you enjoyed my first video tutorial – it was a pretty simple one, but I wanted to start out with something simple that everyone could do!

This week’s hair tutorial is a pretty and easy curly half up-do. This style is perfect for a wedding, dinner out with friends, going to church . . . it looks sophisticated and pretty but only takes a few minutes to do!

This half updo is all about teasing and twisting! I love teasing to get that smooth bump {as I do in my first tutorial, try to get your teasing as smooth as possible!} and then twisting to add texture and volume. If you have naturally wavy or curly hair, you may not even need to curl it but if you have straight hair (like me 🙂 ) you’ll definitely want to curl it to add volume.

*Tip – This style would work really well on second-day hair but if you have clean hair, just add some dry shampoo (or cornstarch) for texture.

Let me know below if you liked this week’s video!

Happy styling, ladies!!


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