Blank US Map {free download!}

Blank US map | free printable USA map | blank US map coloring | Free Printable Blank US map poster available on the Six Clever Sisters blog!

Blank US Map {colorable!}

Explore the U.S. One State at a Time with Our Colorable Map

Traveling across the United States is a dream for many. From the towering peaks of the Rockies to the sunny beaches of Florida, every state offers unique experiences and unforgettable adventures!

Whether you’re planning a cross-country road trip, ticking off states on your bucket list, or simply keeping track of everywhere you’ve been over the years, our blank U.S. map that you can color in as you visit each state is the perfect visual display of your travels.

This is also a great tool for homeschooling or for helping your kids learn where the different states are located!

Blank US map | free printable USA map | blank US map coloring | Free Printable Blank US map poster available on the Six Clever Sisters blog!

Why use a blank U.S. map to color?

A colorable U.S. map is more than just a visual tracker of where you’ve been; it’s a creative and interactive way to keep your travel memories alive. Here are some reasons why you’ll love displaying this map:

  1. Visual Progress Tracker: Watching your map fill up with colors is incredibly satisfying. It provides a visual representation of your travels, showing you just how much of the country you’ve explored and (maybe more importantly) what’s still left to see.
  2. Memory Keeper: Each colored state serves as a reminder of the adventures you’ve had there. You can even use different colors to represent different types of trips—family vacations, solo adventures, business travels, and more!
  3. Motivation to Explore More: Seeing a blank space on your map can be a strong motivator to plan your next trip. It encourages you to think outside of your norm so that you experience more of the diverse landscapes and cultures of the U.S.
  4. Educational Tool: This map is a fun way to teach kids about U.S. geography. As you color in each state, you can learn about its history, landmarks, and key attractions, making it an educational journey as well.

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Blank US map | free printable USA map | blank US map coloring | Free Printable Blank US map poster available on the Six Clever Sisters blog!

How to Get Started

Getting started with your colorable blank U.S. map is easy. Here’s a step-by-step guide to make the most out of it:

STEP 1: Get our blank US map. You’ll need the file to get started! Enter your email below and we will get the Google Drive link sent to you.

STEP 2: Print your map! I printed a 24″x36″ poster at Office Depot and chose “Premium Matte Paper.” (This map’s finished size is 20″x30″ but that size option is not available – I put white space around the 20×30 in order to make it a 24×36 that you will trim after you get the print.) Be sure to print at 100%! It will have white space around it.

Here’s how the proof will look – print at 100% to keep that white space around it!

The first time I had this printed, I chose the 24-lb. bond paper as I did my online order. Thankfully, the woman printing my poster at Office Depot called me and told me that with this much ink in a design, it makes the paper wrinkle with the moisture of the ink (24-lb. honestly shouldn’t even be an option since it can’t handle the ink). She had already printed and gave me the option to come take a look at it and have it reprinted on the Premium Matte Paper instead, which I did. Here is a comparison of the two – the heavier paper made such a difference even in the color saturation! It’s absolutely worth the extra $5 to get the really heavy paper – no wrinkles and much deeper colors.

(Why not print this as a “photo”? You can’t color on photo paper like you can on posters like these.)

STEP 3: Choose how you want to color in the states you’ve visited so far. Select a set of colored pencils, markers, or crayons. You might want to designate specific colors for different types of trips or different years. We put our birth states in red. The states our families live in (we’re spread out!) are in blue, and then any other states can be a variety of colors.

On our map, we’re using Prismacolor Premier Colored Pencils – these are professional colored pencils, and they are nothing like basic Crayola colored pencils. These pencils are very smooth and richly saturated, so you won’t be coloring a ton to fill in the white. Once you use these, you’ll see the difference!

STEP 4: Color in some states! It’ll be fun to talk about those trips as you color them in – and it’s great for kids to find the states on the map! Our family reminisced about previous trips as we colored in the states – so fun!

STEP 5: Time to display your map! Hang it in a prominent place – it serves as a great conversation starter and a constant reminder of your travel goals. I bought a 20″x30″ frame at Walmart for a decent price. I did remove the plastic from the front and I put it behind my map in case I want it later.

You can use spray adhesive, if needed, to adhere your map to the backing of your frame so it doesn’t bow or sag.

Download the free blank US map on the Six Clever Sisters site!

A colorable U.S. map is such a fun idea, and I’m so glad I put one up for our family! It’s such a nice visual diary of our adventures. I hope you join in on the fun and get one printed for yourself! Happy traveling!

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Blank US map | free printable USA map | blank US map coloring | Free Printable Blank US map poster available on the Six Clever Sisters blog!
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