Foil Dinner Recipes for Camping


My husband loves camping and can’t wait to take our son camping when he gets older (even though he’s only a couple months old right now haha). Me, on the other hand . . . not so much. I love my cozy little home and my kitchen and my bathroom and my bed. I like to be outside in nature, don’t get me wrong – but only for a limited time and I don’t like the idea of skipping my shower and sleeping on the ground haha. But the good news is – these foil ‘camping’ dinner recipes can be made just as easily at home! If you have a busy schedule, these foil dinners can be thrown together in no time and are a breeze to clean up! You’ll find recipes here for breakfast, dinner, dessert, breakfast . . . here’s a fun idea – make your weekend extra fun by making a tin foil breakfast, staying in pajamas, watching Saturday morning cartoons, and enjoying spending time with your family 🙂

*If you do plan to make any of these tin foil dinners at home instead of over a campfire, simply place your foil packets on a cookie sheet in the oven at a high temperature, mimicking the heat of a fire. And cook them until the meat is cooked through and the veggies are soft.


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Foil Dinner Recipes for Camping

Find some of the best foil pack recipes here - from breakfast to sides to entrees to desserts!

You can use these recipes when you go camping, OR you can have a fun, easy dinner at home with little cleanup!


You might be wondering:

  • What exactly is a foil dinner and how do I make one?

Well, a foil dinner is a dinner that is made using a foil packet. Hence, the name. It typically consists of a mixture of a meat and vegetables with seasonings, placed into a foil packet and cooked over an open fire. Here is a great video on how to fold your foil packet just right.

  • Can I make foil dinner packets ahead of time?

Most foil dinner packets can be made ahead of time, which is great for a camping trip! Just be sure you use heavy duty foil and double it up so the packets don’t leak. You also can prep all your ingredients and put them in a plastic Ziploc bag. Then, when you are ready to cook them, dump everything into your foil packet and you’re ready to go!

  • If I have a camp stove, can I use that to cook my foil dinner packets?

Yes! Make sure you turn the foil packets, using tongs, every few minutes so they cook evenly. Try this recipe on your camp stove – Sausage and Vegetable Foil Packets.



My husband and I have this metal grate for cooking over a campfire. We’ve actually used it on our fire pit in our yard to toast our hot dog buns 😉

I hope you enjoy these camping tin foil dinner recipes. Let us know in the comments below what your favorite tin foil recipes for camping are, and if you’ve made any of the ones listed above.


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