Free Printable Christmas Mug Exchange Game

This free printable mug exchange game for Christmas parties is super fun and easy! All you need is a pair of dice, and for everyone to bring a fun mug with them.

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I was looking for an exchange game for a Christmas party that I am hosting this year, and I wanted to find a gift exchange idea that was affordable for everyone (spending can get outrageous around all the holiday events!), but still FUN! 

I started seeing the roll the dice Christmas exchange games, and thought of this fun idea –

free printable Christmas exchange game | mug exchange game | roll the dice exchange game

I think a Christmas mug exchange fits the bill perfectly! I think we all love a new mug, and it is a gift that keeps on giving every time you sip your coffee or tea, or our favorite holiday drink recipes like these ones! . . . 

I created this FREE printable mug exchange game for you and think it will be a whole lot of fun! All you need is:

  • everyone to bring a mug
  • a pair of dice
  • this free printable

Simply print out the free printable mug exchange dice guide (just click on the big red box at the end of this post), and give one to each person, or set a few on each table if you have a large group.

free printable Christmas exchange game | mug exchange game | roll the dice exchange game

When it is time for the mug exchanging to start, have each person roll the dice and follow the instructions. Go around the room, giving each person a chance to roll one time. When you are finished, everyone will have a new mug to take home!

So, if you are looking for a budget friendly fun gift exchange game for your Christmas party, be sure to give this one a try! You will also definitely want to look at this pack of TEN printable games for Christmas parties .They are loads of fun!

Printable Christmas Games for Parties


Just click this red box, and print the Christmas mug exchange game.

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