How to Alter a Maxi Skirt


Have you ever bought a skirt then tried it on and realized it was too big? I’m normally a small/medium size skirt and I recently purchased a size extra-large maxi skirt at Kohl’s . . . I had a giftcard AND a coupon for 20% off so it ended up around $9!!! Since it was a knit maxi, I knew I could alter it and be able to wear it. I was able to do it in literally less than an hour and now it fits like a dream! Here’s what I did –

First of all, I compared it to one of my maxis I already had . . . it needed taken in about 4″ on each side. I laid it out, pinned it to keep the seams lined up and in place, then used my chalk marker to mark 2″ in at the waist. Then I measured 8″ down, angled my tape measure, and drew a line. I did that on both sides.

How to Alter a Maxi Skirt


Next, I sewed on my yellow line, making sure to back-stitch at my starting and stopping points – creating my new seam.

How to Alter a Maxi Skirt


After I sewed my new seam, I zig-zagged right along the edge and trimmed it. I didn’t want bulkiness (is that even a word?) at my waist and hips ๐Ÿ™‚

How to Alter a Maxi Skirt


Last of all, I tried it on. Perfect fit! In under an hour, I took a skirt that was an extra-large and made it a small/medium. The nice thing about altering maxis is there aren’t zippers or buttons to deal with – I love easy afternoon projects ๐Ÿ™‚

How to Alter a Maxi Skirt

I love this skirt and wear it all the time! Here’s a link for it on . . . for some reason they only carry it in plus size and in black ๐Ÿ™



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