IKEA hack – Tie Organizer

Here’s a great DIY tie organizer idea – it’s an inexpensive IKEA hack!

IKEA hack tie organizer

We recently moved into a new home, and we have a really nice walk-in closet in our master bedroom (yay!). I love it! When I was organizing it all during the move, I knew I needed to figure out SOMEthing to do with my husband’s ties. He’s got a lot of ties since he dresses up several times a week, so they also needed to be easily accessible.  The wall just to the inside right of our closet door was empty, but it would have to be something that didn’t come out from the wall more than a couple of inches. 

I headed to IKEA and walked back and forth from the kitchen section to the curtain section several times to see what I could figure out — then I got it — IKEA’s Grundtal rail, along with plastic rings from the curtain section which fit perfectly on the rail with space for the tie, would be perfect!! 

IKEA hack tie organizer

IKEA’s Grundtal rail comes in 3 sizes, and the price is great! I had measured the wall in my closet and knew I needed the middle one, which is 59 cm (23+ in.), and only 6.99!

IKEA’s Syrlig curtain rings come in 3 colors (gray, black, and white) and are 4.99 for 10!

I made sure to get a few extra rings so that I wouldn’t have to unscrew the bar later to add more rings. (Although, if you have to do it, it’s pretty easy.)

IKEA hack tie organizer

Simply add the rings to the bar before you screw it onto the brackets. Then attach the whole rail to the wall. Thread the neckties through the rings, and that’s it! You’ve got a tie organizer that will keep ties from getting wrinkles or folds in them!

IKEA hack tie organizer IKEA hack tie organizer

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