Modest Maternity – Khaki Maternity Skirt


Modest Maternity – Khaki Maternity Skirt

Maternity skirts that are cute AND comfortable can be hard to find! For me, a khaki skirt is pretty much a staple clothing item, so I knew I’d need to find one I loved for this pregnancy.

I do own some “over-the-belly” skirts, but I have to say, I always lean toward “under-the-belly” skirts. In fact, those “over-the-belly” skirts that are sitting in my closet are going to be listed on eBay soon. They’re  just not comfortable compared to these maternity skirts that have a nice elastic band, curved to fit under my belly! These kind work the entire pregnancy!

Another plus about this skirt is that it’s quite stretchy (it has some spandex in it) – no stiff, “I-feel-stuffed-into-this-skirt” vibes going on. When I kneel down to grab something, my skirt stretches and doesn’t annoy me (yes, I get annoyed at stiff, no-give skirts, sorry!).


When I got this khaki maternity skirt from Inherit Clothing Company, I loved it from the minute I put it on. I knew this was going to be one of my staple skirts for this pregnancy!



Remi Khaki Maternity Skirt: Inherit Clothing Company

***I’m wearing the “light khaki” in size 10, 26″ (I love that they offer both 26″ & 29″ lengths!)….and I’m 5’3″ for a reference.***

Floral Front Pleat Top: Inherit Clothing Company

***I’m wearing a medium***

Cami Secret (black): Amazon

Necklace: Kohls

Shoes: Walmart (this pair is similar)  


Close-up of necklace + Cami Secret insert

Yesterday, I paired my khaki maternity skirt with this pretty floral top (from Inherit Clothing) – what’s great about this shirt is that it doesn’t need layering. The fabric is thick (a polyester/spandex combo), and it literally can NOT wrinkle. I tested it when I packed it the other day – after being smashed into a roller bag, this came out ready-to-wear! So if that’s really important to you, you’ll love this shirt! It does dip down too far for my liking, so I wore my Cami Secret.…easy peasy without having to layer.


Here’s a close-up of the shirt fabric and its floral design and colors.


If you are looking for gorgeous modest skirts and cute modest dresses, definitely check out the Inherit Clothing Company! 

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