Thankful Fall iPhone Wallpaper

Free iPhone Wallpaper image

One thing I enjoy about this season is the fact that we are more prone to count our blessings and realize how thankful we really should be!! We have a ridiculous amount of things to be thankful for, really. ???? And thankfulness is one of those “holiday” Thanksgiving things that should be celebrated all year round ???? 

So here is an iPhone wallpaper / lock screen for you! I’ve included the 5 & 6 sizes . . . . It can also be used with other phones but the sizing may not be as perfect as it was intended. 

{To use this wallpaper, simply visit on your phone, hold your finger over the image, and click save image. Then set as your wallpaper. ????}

iPhone 5 wallpaper verse bible inspirational lock screen
iPhone 5 size
iPhone wallpaper screen bible verse inspirational
iPhone 6 size 

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