20 Tiered Tray Fall Decor Ideas

Tiered Tray Fall Decor Ideas 

Do you have a tiered tray?! Tiered trays are a fun way to add a seasonal touch to your home. Just switch out the decor season to season. It’s fun, easy and gives off the vibes for the season in your home! I love this idea. If you don’t have one yet, I’ll have some gorgeous tiered tray bases for you a little farther down the post. 


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This compilation of Tiered Tray Fall Decor Ideas range from farmhouse, to rustic, to themed, to classy! Look through these links and get some serious inspiration. Your next trouble will be deciding which of these beautiful tiered trays to copy!


Etsy and Hobby Lobby are some of my favorite places to look for tiered tray fall decor ideas on a budget. Small cute pieces of decor and greenery and florals are going to be what make your tray affordable. 


If you can do a little DIY, there are so many fun budget friendly things to put on your tiered tray for fall.


Before you can start decorating, you need a tiered tray!! Check out these links. They are some of my absolute favorite!!








How do you decorate a fall tiered tray?

  1. Start with a blank slate! Grab your empty tray to get started. 
  2. Choose one or two larger pieces that will stand out, then the rest of your decor can complement those ones. 
  3. Try to balance out all the sides. Give a nice mix of heights, and don’t let any certain tray or area look too heavy. 
  4. Fill empty spots with your smaller items, like florals, greenery, and pine cones. 


20 Tiered Tray Fall Decor Ideas




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