10 Special Baby Gifts that Every Mom Would Love (from a 5th time mom)

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10 Special Baby Gifts that Every Mom Would Love

(from a 5th time mom)

Do you ever find yourself wondering what special baby gift you can give to someone? You want to give a gift to show your love and excitement, but at the same time, you don’t want to give just another cute outfit that they may only wear a time or two before they grow out of it?

I find that this is especially hard for moms that aren’t first-timers. Unless they are replacing a lot of blues with pinks or vice versa, they usually have just about everything they need the second and third time around. (That’s not to say that we don’t mind replacing outdated or used clothes with something new and trendy! 😉 But grandmas and aunts usually cover those bases pretty well!)

So if you’ve got a friend or family member that’s going to give birth soon, and you want to give them a special baby gift that they’ll really love (something that they’d likely not have….something that would be an upgrade from the basic that they already have), scroll down and check out this list of great gift ideas! 

These are products that I’ve either purchased or been gifted for my 4th and 5th babies – I’ve loved every single one of these things and I know other moms would as well!

(By the way, our church does these Hospital Gift Baskets for new moms, and it’s been really fun to deliver them and make some moms happy with fun little gifts!)

Hospital Gift Basket









1. BINXY Shopping Cart Hammock 











This is a genius product! It’s so simple to clip this hammock onto a cart, but you still have room to slide groceries under baby’s hammock!

When I go shopping “the old way” (aka baby carseat taking up most of a grocery cart) I need one of my older kids to push a second cart….and that makes for quite the caravan, haha! 

This cart hammock hangs elevated so that you have plenty of room for groceries and DON’T need two carts.

When you’re finished, you simply roll it up and put it into your purse or diaper bag.

2. Saranoni Muslin Blanket











This is NOT your average muslin swaddle.

As a fifth-time mom, I’ve used a lot of muslin swaddles from a lot of different companies.

This one from Saranoni is *by far* the softest one I’ve owned!

Muslin blankets typically start out a little “crisp” but soften with use.

Saranoni’s muslin, however, is a bamboo rayon luxury muslin that starts out super-soft and silky and *still* gets softer with every wash.

I love swaddling my baby girl in this one because it feels so luxuriously silky on her delicate newborn skin!

It’s a great all-purpose blanket since it’s so big – swaddle, blanket for tummy time, nursing cover, etc.

Saranoni also has thick, lush, luxury blankets, and they offer custom embroidery for an even more personalized gift idea!

3. Milk Snob











If you’re looking for a top-notch, multi-purpose gift, this is it!

It’s a 5-in-1-cover for practical use – from full-cover nursing cover, to carseat cover (works so well to block baby from cold wind or to provide shade!), grocery seat cover, highchair cover, stroller cover, and more!















What I love about my Milk Snob is that it doesn’t wear out, it’s super-stretchy, and Milk Snob carries SO. MANY. trendy prints!! I literally could not decide on a cover and had to text all the sisters to get some help choosing, haha!

4. Ryan and Rose 











LOVE LOVE LOVE my Ryan and Rose pacifiers, teethers, and pacifier clips!!

The great thing about these that makes them better than the average pacifier and clip is that it doubles as a teether.

Baby can just hold the pacifier and chew on the “handle” during teething!

The rubber is the perfect density for teething – not too hard, not too soft!

The 2-in-1 pacifier-teethers come in stage one and stage two.




















Ok, now about the pacifier clips (Cutie Clips, as they call them):

I have the Brooke Cutie Clip (pictured in pink beads) and the Gentry Cutie Clip (pictured in gray beads…..the Gentry is a little shorter than the Brooke), as well as the Lotus Cutie Clip (in the pink braided leather).













































These cutie clips are also teethers, which is pretty awesome….and they attach to anything that has a hole to loop through.

They are also shorter pacifier clips than other popular ones, which makes them safer (they’re approved to use in cribs because there are no strangling worries!), and they are more sanitary than other pacifier clips because the shorter length helps keep baby from dragging it on the ground when crawling.
















They have SO many other cutie clip options that are cute and trendy, too (and different lengths), so it’s pretty easy to choose whatever style represents your friend or family member best!

The folks at Ryan and Rose pay a lot of attention to detail, function, and baby safety, and one way I noticed that was in the way these clip on to baby’s clothes – you don’t have the “teeth” that typical clips do that can sometimes put small holes in clothes.

They use plastic over the metal and the grip is still nice and tight! No more holes in clothes!












5. BABYBJORN Baby Carrier Mini in Cotton























This is the *best* baby carrier I’ve used for a newborn – but it works for bigger babies, too, up to 12 months!

It’s so soft, comfortable, lightweight, and cozy-feeling. It just feels like baby is snuggled up to me with a blanket!

And the best part is that this one does NOT hurt my shoulders like others I’ve used.

My baby loves to stay in this on me so apparently she’s very comfortable in it. 😉

I highly recommend gifting one of these to a new mom!

6. Custom Pencil Portrait











This is one of my most *cherished* gifts, given to me by a friend after I had my 4th baby.

This portrait was drawn from a photograph of my son. The details just blow my mind!

The portrait is done in pencil and charcoal – it’s just GORGEOUS!!

If you are looking for a sentimental, timeless gift, this is it. 🙂

7. Diaper Bag 

An extra diaper bag never hurt! I love having a couple of bags to replace or swap out with other diaper bags. 

We moms tend to use diaper bags in the place of a purse, so having a couple different prints or colors breaks up the monotony, ha!























After my 5th baby, I was gifted this new diaper bag and I absolutely LOVE it! 

The wide, easy-open top is so practical!

This one has several compartments, making it easy to stay organized.

It features an insulated front pocket and water-resistant outside coating.

It’s very sturdy but lightweight at the same time. Definitely the perfect diaper bag!!

8. New Thermometer


Now, most moms may have a thermometer, but they may not have a modern, cool-new-technology one. 😉

Can you believe that I *just* upgraded to a digital forehead thermometer after 5 kids, haha?!

I keep thinking WHY didn’t I get one earlier? But it’s just one of those things that you don’t spend money on because you already have something functional.

If you know that your friend or family member doesn’t have a “cool” thermometer, they’d probably love one!

I have an inexpensive one that works great, but there are plenty of options in all price ranges!

This one from iProven works for both ear AND forehead, which is pretty neat!

9. Baby Milestone Blanket

It’s popular nowadays to post monthly photos of your baby on a milestone blanket – and there are so many adorable ones out there!

I received this one as a gift, and it is just GORGEOUS. 











(I mean, how can I ever resist that little face?!)

It’s been fun keeping track of baby’s growth by taking a photo of her on the same blanket each month!

Mine came with a headband and a little flower wreath that you put around the month number – so cute!

10. Camera

Last, but not least – who wouldn’t love a camera to document every special moment with baby?

In my opinion, this is the most important gift in this list! All you have after the memories fade are photos – PHOTOS help you remember every memory!

How about this popular Fuji Instax Mini that produces pictures on-the-go in minutes?












Another option is to purchase lenses that attach to a smartphone – this gives you different options as far as zoom lenses, macro lenses, wide angles, etc. 

Some good quality lenses for smartphones are “Moment lenses” like the one pictured below. These make really special baby gifts!



















What other special gifts have you given as a “new-baby-gift” to a mom? We’d love to hear!

Special Baby Gifts | Special Baby Gifts Ideas | Baby Gifts Ideas | Special Baby Gift Ideas that every mom would love! Check out our favorite ones on the Six Clever Sisters blog!





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