30 Pasta Side Dishes You Want To Try!

Calling all pasta lovers! Pasta side dishes make a a great side to any meal, whether it be a cold pasta salad or a hot, cheesy pasta, there is a pasta to pair with just about anything. If you want light and fresh, or cold and creamy, there is a recipe for you in this compilation of pasta side dishes. So, if you’re a pasta lover, check this out.

Some of the Best Pasta Side Dishes

I like to serve pasta side dishes when we have guests over, because just about every person is a fan of pasta of some kind. There are so many different varieties of pasta sides, that I can always find something that goes well with my main course. Pasta is a comfort food as well, so I find that guests are usually happy with pasta as it evokes feelings of warmth and satisfaction. Many people have fond memories of enjoying pasta dishes with family and friends, making it a comforting and nostalgic food choice. Plus, it is easy to prepare and many recipes can be made in advance.

If you’re taking pasta to a bbq or picnic, these bowls with lids are great and portable!

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Pasta dishes make a great main course, such as our popular Swedish Pasta Bake that is a fan favorite! This post, however, is focusing on pasta dishes as SIDES. Pair it with a simple piece of grilled chicken, some meatballs, an Italian sausage, a steak…. whatever compliments it best!

Olive Garden says it best, pasta is “the comfort you crave!”

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How do pasta side dishes compliment a meal?

  1. Texture Variation: Pasta side dishes often provide a different texture from the main course, adding variety to the meal. For example, if the main course is a grilled chicken breast, a side of pasta salad or creamy pasta would offer a contrasting texture.
  2. Flavor Balance: Pasta side dishes can balance out the flavors of the main course. For instance, if the main dish is spicy or rich, a simple pasta with olive oil, garlic, and herbs can provide a refreshing and neutralizing contrast.
  3. Carbohydrate Base: Pasta side dishes can serve as a substantial carbohydrate base for the meal, providing energy and satiety. This is particularly useful if the main course lacks carbohydrates or if you need to feed a hungry crowd.
  4. Vegetable Inclusion: Pasta side dishes can be a convenient way to incorporate vegetables into the meal. Whether it’s a pasta primavera with assorted veggies or a pasta salad loaded with fresh produce, these dishes can contribute to a well-rounded meal.
  5. Customization: Pasta side dishes offer versatility and can be customized to complement the flavors of the main course. You can adjust the sauce, seasoning, and ingredients to harmonize with the overall meal.
  6. Presentation: Pasta side dishes can enhance the visual appeal of the meal, adding color and vibrancy to the plate. A well-presented side of pasta can elevate the dining experience and make the meal more inviting.

In summary, pasta side dishes can complement a meal by providing texture variation, balancing flavors, offering a carbohydrate base, incorporating vegetables, allowing for customization, and enhancing presentation. These factors contribute to a more satisfying and well-rounded dining experience.

30 of the Best Pasta Side Dishes

here you'll find 30 of the best pasta side dishes to compliment your main dish and make for a great meal!

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