40 Easy DIY Outdoor Christmas Decorations

40 Easy DIY Outdoor Christmas Decorations

Easy DIY Outdoor Christmas Decorations | DIY Outdoor Christmas Balls | DIY Outdoor Christmas Lights | 40 Easy DIY Christmas decorations for outdoors are on the Six Clever Sisters blog!

Are you starting to think about DIY Outdoor Christmas decorations??

I find myself so focused on my *indoor* Christmas decorations, that I forget about decorating for Christmas outdoors until it’s too late!

Ugh! Not this year! 💃 I’m getting a head start and whipping up some easy DIY Christmas decorations for outdoors that can sit in the garage until this holiday season.

If you love DIY Christmas decor, you may love these 10 DIY Christmas Garlands! 

These easy DIY felt Christmas trees are some of my favorite Christmas decorations!

Check out this list of fun DIY Christmas ornaments to make with kids! We have a yearly tradition of doing this, and we all look forward to it!

A very quick and budget-friendly way to add Christmas decor is to use printables. We have lots and lots of FREE PRINTABLE CHRISTMAS DECOR for you! Click HERE.

My favorite set out of those might be this one. ❤️⬇️

On to our crazy-fun list of Outdoor Christmas Decorations! 🎄

40 Easy DIY Outdoor Christmas Decorations

If you want to save time, here are some quick decorating options that you could add in!

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How can I decorate my yard for Christmas?

The first thing I would focus on outside are Christmas lights! Homedit has some great ideas on how to incorporate lights outside in your yard. After that, choose some of the fun DIY ideas above in this post, and your yard will look great for Christmas!

How do you decorate outside for Christmas on a budget?

Most of the ideas above in this post are budget-friendly. To cut costs even more, try to use items that you already have around your house, even if they aren’t “Christmasy.” You can disguise frames, pots, etc. by covering them in wrapping paper or fabric or ribbon. Spray paint them if you don’t mind moving them over to your Christmas decor pile permanently. 😉
A great way to decorate for Christmas on a budget is to wait….wait for Christmas decor to be on clearance right after Christmas this year, and plan what exactly you’ll want to make for next year so you don’t overspend on unnecessary items….and you’ll save over half the cost usually!

How do you make outdoor Christmas planters?

In your container, start by placing in lots of natural wintery items. Fresh branches of evergreen and long bare branches can be the bulk of this. Pinecones on wooden skewers can also be popped in there to add more to your outdoor Christmas planter (I’d spray paint my pine cones gold!). After that, add in fun things like these sparkly red stems, these fun gold curly branches, or these artificial poinsettia flowers!

How do you make outdoor Christmas balls?

The easiest way to make outdoor Christmas balls is to start with any plastic ball (think $1 balls at the Dollar store for large Christmas balls), then add something at the top that resembles the ornament cap. This can be any type of disposable container. Spray paint that and you won’t recognize what it used to be. 😉 Thread wire through it to make the ornament hanger, then attach it to the plastic ball with glue or strong tape.


Easy DIY Outdoor Christmas Decorations | DIY Outdoor Christmas Balls | DIY Outdoor Christmas Lights | 40 Easy DIY Christmas decorations for outdoors are on the Six Clever Sisters blog!

When you’re stuck inside on cold days, try THESE 30 PAPER CHRISTMAS DECORATIONS for indoors!

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