Best Sides for Chicken Wings

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Chicken wings – sometimes it’s hard to come up with easys sides that go with chicken wings. But there are so many options! Salads, pastas, veggies, dips . . . pin this post for chicken wing night when you need a recipe!

Best Sides for Chicken Wings

Salads are a great side to pair with chicken wings. Green salads, summery salads, pasta salads, grain salads . . . so many options!

What are some of the best sides to pair with chicken wings?

  • Salads that are light and fresh pair really well – they balance out the richness of the chicken wings. A creamy macaroni and cheese dish also goes really great with chicken wings, especially if the rub and sauce on your chicken wings is more on the spicy side. Classics like pasta salad and potato salad are popular to pair with chicken wings as well.

What veggies go best with chicken wings?

  • “Buffalo wings and carrot/celery sticks: it’s a perfect match. Celery and carrots are cheap, crunchy, add color to the presentation, and go well with the ranch dressing often served with spicy wings.” (Quora) These veggies, especially when chilled, really help cut through the spiciness of buffalo sauce!

I’m planning to serve chicken wings but I don’t know how many to prepare! Help!

  • For buffalo wings (drummette and wing flat separated) 10-12 pieces are in a per pound. (UrbanCowGirlLife)
  • For whole wings (drum, wing, and wing tip intact) 4-5 pieces are in a pound. (UrbanCowgirlLife)
  • If you’re serving chicken wings WITH sides, expect each person to eat around 5-6 wings each (average 1-1.5 pounds). If you are serving them WITHOUT sides, expect each person to eat around 6-8 wings each (average 1.5-2 pounds).



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