Easy Dinner Ideas for Two

Easy Dinner Ideas for Two | Recipes for Two | Dinner for Two | Recipes for Two People for Dinner | Easy Recipes | What to Make for Two People | Dinner for Two People | Are you looking for easy dinner recipes for two people? Here are some delicious and easy recipes that are perfectly proportioned for two people! From sides to main dishes to desserts, you'll find something here to add to your dinner menu this week! Find them all at SixCleverSisters.com

As a newlywed, I had a hard time finding easy dinner ideas for two! I went from being in a big family and cooking for 6 or more people to then having to cook for just the two of us.

It’s funny how sometimes it’s harder to cook an easy dinner for just two people than it is cooking a dinner for a big family!

After a year and a half of being married, I’m finally starting to figure out how to cook dinner for two 🙂

Sometimes, we like to make dinners for two together for a date day/night! It’s so much more budget-friendly and working together in the kitchen can be a fun bonding time for the two of us. There’s something romantic about a yummy pasta dish or a decadent chocolate dessert made at home.

We’ve really been enjoying trying out new recipes for holidays and working on those together. It makes our holidays so much fun!

These easy dinner ideas for two will have you enjoying cooking for the two of you (whether you do it together or just whip up something for a weekday dinner) – from scrumptious entrees to healthy side dishes to decadent desserts, this collection of easy dinner ideas perfectly portioned for two covers all your bases.


Easy Dinner Ideas for Two

A collection of various recipes perfectly portioned for two - from entrees to side dishes to desserts!


You might be wondering –

“What can I make for an easy dinner for the two of us that won’t cost too much?”

  • I know when I first got married and started out with a pretty bare pantry and freezer, I was always on the lookout for recipes that didn’t require too much grocery shopping, since I hadn’t acquired much in the way of basic pantry staples. Some easy budget-friendly meals are pasta and jarred sauce, rice dishes, goulash, simple sandwiches . . . grocery stores offer many cheap and ready-to-cook options nowadays! One of my favorite easy and inexpensive meals to make is a simple veggie fried rice with frozen cauliflower rice and frozen mixed veggies! It comes together quickly and easily and isn’t expensive.

“What can I make for $5 or less per serving?”

“How can I save money when preparing dinner?”

  • Honestly, one of the best ways you can save money when preparing dinner is to avoid buying pre-made foods at the store. Try making your own bread, growing your own veggies, canning your garden harvest for winter, cooking your own pasta sauce, using dry beans instead of canned, etc. You’ll find you will save money that way and start to enjoy eating homemade dinners more!

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