English Muffin Recipes!

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English muffin recipes for any time of the day.

Don’t overlook this oft-forgotten breakfast or lunch staple…. English muffins!

English muffins are the perfect base for a filling meal, whether it’s breakfast, lunch, or dinner. There are so many meal ideas for the best toppings! Look below and see how these English muffin recipes can be worked into your meal planning this week! Let’s make a yummy breakfast or lunch with English muffins!

Scrolling through these recipes will make you realize that English muffins are worthy of the spotlight and more than just a simple little breakfast. These recipes will make. you. drool.

English Muffin Recipes!

These BREAKFAST COOKIES are a great on the go option for after school snack, breakfast or mid morning pick me up!

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  1. Sandy Knapp

    Hi girls, was so happy to see you on facebook with all of your recipes. Glad to see you again after you are all grown up and have children of your own. God has so richly blessed you. Mr. Knapp and I are doing fine for old people. He is still running circles around me as he will be 89 years old in May. He always enjoyed all the meals you made for him while he was working at the church. Especially the hamburger cake for his birthday. You were always so thoughtful. We are praying for your dad. May God continue to bless you and your whole family. In Christian Love 💕 The Knapp’s Garry and Sandy

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