Leftover Rotisserie Chicken Meals

A rotisserie chicken is the perfect ingredient to use on busy weeknights because it’s easy, delicious, and nutritious. You can use leftover rotisserie to whip up a yummy meal in just a little bit of time.

If you are wondering what to make with leftover rotisserie chicken, just keep reading. I have lots of popular recipes here, all that you could use leftover rotisserie chicken! Think pastas, soups, salads, pizza, rice meals and more.  

Leftover Rotisserie Chicken can help save you time and money.

Of course, if you can’t grab a rotisserie anywhere, you can still benefit from having prepared chicken ready to use for a busy weeknight dinner. Check out our recipe for a flat roasted chicken.  This chicken is AMAZING. When I have a little more time, it is my go to recipe for cooking a whole chicken. Turns out perfect every time.

But the point of this post is talking about the very best ways to use a rotisserie when you DON’T have time to cook your own chicken! What a time saver they can be!

My absolute favorite place to grab a rotisserie is at Sam’s Club. If you have a membership for a club near you, you know how great it is! Their chickens are so much bigger than any grocery store chicken I have ever bought. And they are only $4.98! It’s such great deal.

Whenever I am near Sam’s around dinnertime, I will grab one chicken for dinner that night and another to use with one of these Leftover Rotisserie Chicken Recipes. Sometimes I have enough of the first chicken to bag up a cup or two of small pieces and throw in the freezer. Then I can use it the next week for a quick dinner. Extremely budget friendly AND convenient…..that is so important right now with the crazy cost of groceries for our family of 6, soon to be 7, and having 4 small children while in my third trimester with baby #5! 


Leftover Rotisserie Chicken Recipes:


Leftover Rotisserie Chicken Meals

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