Free Printable Christmas Scavenger Hunt

A free printable Christmas scavenger hunt for kids – everything can be found indoors! Perfect for Christmas Day, a family holiday gathering, or just a fun Christmas break activity.

I love all of the opportunities to make the holidays special for my kids. Decorating cookies together, seeing Christmas lights, singing carols and holiday music, building a snowman, watching movies and drinking cocoa . . . the little things mean so much to kids. 

I created this free printable Christmas scavenger hunt because my kids love games. This kids scavenger hunt is easy enough for little kids to do, but for older kids, it would be really fun for them to borrow your phone and take pictures of themselves with each item. Then they’ll have fun watching the slideshow at the end, and you’ll have the sweet *memories* for a lifetime!

I know at our family reunions, we are always looking for easy Christmas games for kids to keep all of the cousins busy. Our family has 16 cousins, all age 15 and under, and this indoor Christmas scavenger hunt is definitely something they can all enjoy together!

Here are a few other activities for kids:

Christmas scavenger hunt free printable


  • All you need to do is click on the “Print” box below, and print off of your phone, computer, or tablet.
  • Print enough for all of the kids who want to play.
  • You can always form small teams if you have a big group of kids, put the oldest on each team in charge of the phone to take pictures, and have the kids take turns getting their pictures with the items.

Enjoy this free printable Christmas scavenger hunt for kids of all ages!

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